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A quick, at-a-glance, guide to what has been happenig recently in Bitclub. The full story may also be covered in a Bit-Talk Blog or Bitclub News item on the Bitclub Network members site.

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Big Update... Lots of Info!

  • Big Update... Lots of Info!
    Date: July 8th

    Included in this update...

    • Bitcoin Mining Pool Updates
    • Bitcoin Halving Thoughts...
    • CoinPay Updates
    • Lost Commissions Now Paid!
    • Korean Market on Fire - New Support
    • New Mobile Apps with added Security
    • New Languages LIVE (Turkish, Swahili)

    We have a big update today regarding many things that are happening with BitClub Network. July is setting up to be a really big month in terms of membership numbers and productivity by our team.

    Over the past few months the development side has been moving slower than we expected, this is due to the time it takes to keep hackers at bay and ensure we can protect the system we are building. Unfortunately, we are a huge target for attacks and this is only increasing as we get bigger.

    For this reason it's very important that you secure your account!

    You can do this by creating a strong password and enabling 2 factor under My Profile. Also, make sure you get your email address verified so you can receive emails from us and be fully verified in our system.

    We have thwarted many hack attempts on accounts that are verified and we look closely into withdrawals based on IP's, previously used BTC addresses and more, but please DO NOT count on us to identify this, keep yourself protected and your account secure!

    Now for some updates...

    Bitcoin Mining Pool

    We know the mining pool earnings have been a little low over the past 30 days or so. This is due to many factors that include an increase in the total shares of the pool, rising difficulty to mine, and other market conditions including mining equipment turnover.

    As we have always said, buying mining equipment is not just about purchasing hardware and plugging it in. It's about knowing the timing of the market and how to turnover the older models for the newer ones. It's about taking advantage of wholesale pricing and purchasing in bulk, and most importantly it's about securing the newest technology to be the most efficient.

    With that said, we are getting ready to boost the pool in a big way. We have 10 PH coming online from Bitmain, they just came out with their new 16nm chips in their newest S9 Antiminer rigs. These machines are now the most efficient on the planet and we have secured a large chunk of the first batch!

    With the halving coming up it was very important that we got rid of some of our older models. This included all remaining S5 Antminers and even a portion of our S7 Antminers are being turned over so that we can focus on the S9 expansion.

    We believe the S9 is at the peak of the market. The efficiency will not get much better from here and these machines are built to mine for life, so you will see many updates as we expand aggressively with this model and plan to hash with them forever.

    Also, we have another 14 PH coming online from BitFury that will begin starting next week July 13th and will come in batches from there until Aug 24th.

    This is 24 PH in addition to the 48 PH we currently have in our pool. We already have scheduled purchases during the next few months that will come online near the end of Aug or early September. Our goal is to be at 80 PH by September and fully running on 16nm technology exclusively!

    Our pool is about to get a big profit boost too because each new PH we are adding cost a lot less than the ones we are taking offline.

    Just to give you a quick sample of this... We pay about $21,000/month for 1 PH of the S5's and the S9 model 1 PH is about $6,800/month. This profit is passed to the pool!

    The "Halving" is only 1 day away... Our Thoughts!

    You are probably well aware of the upcoming halving that is about to happen after the next 140 blocks. If you are not familiar with this, all you need to know is the reward for miners will drop from 25 Bitcoin to 12.5 Bitcoin.

    We believe this is going to put a lot of miners out business within a very short time. Anyone running older models will have to unplug or run at a loss and we will likely see huge volatility in the bitcoin price and the difficulty as the market adjusts.

    For mining operations that are focusing on efficiency and long term profits like ours it could be great news in the long-run and allow us to be even more profitable. In the short term we believe the market will be wild and crazy and we are buckling up for the ride.

    It's like that the market will over react to just about everything as it happens and miners will constantly be going online and offline watching as the next difficulty numbers become available.

    Keep in mind this already happened before... When Bitcoin was cut in half from 50 Bitcoin down to 25 Bitcoin the market was very volatile for about 3 months after as people tried to figure it out.

    We believe this will happen again but since the market is much larger the volatility could be less and when the dust finally settles after a few months the price will be higher, the mining more efficient and the network better off!

    NOTE: This is just an opinion of ours and nobody knows what will happen, our strategy is to expand the pool and get more efficient so at the end of the day our mining contracts will pay back more Bitcoin than they cost and each member will be better off by participating in our mining pools. We will keep you posted with market news and what you can expect.

    This all starts in about 24 hours and is a very big deal in the market so make sure you pay attention!

    CoinPay Updates

    We are getting very close to having a Beta version of the CoinPay platform and will be rolling it out in steps when it's ready. The scope of this project has really evolved since we started building it with the CoinPay development team.

    Here is an overview of where we are...

    - Payment Detection System (BTC and ClubCoin)
    - Downloadable merchant wallet (BTC)
    - Core API platform (to allow multiple front end platforms such as: Web, mobile, Android, iOS)
    - Secure multi-platform User Authentication system

    In Testing Phase:
    - Online web wallet (multi-sig user wallet)
    - Downloadable Merchant wallet (ClubCoin)
    - Blockchain fraud tracking system - instant payment received notification (notification to external APIs or Services)

    In Development Phase:
    - Web front end
    - Mobile front end
    - Android & iOS front end
    - Client API for full management (client/product/invoice management)
    - API data response system

    This is just a basic overview of the main features, most of the development still going on is on the front end, this is always the last piece done and will likely continue to be perfected as we launch the first Beta and get to market.

    One of the biggest challenges we have faced in building this platform is to set it up without ever touching or holding any customer funds. This allows us to operate as a software platform and not a merchant platform needing any types of licenses.

    We are basically building a smart set of API's all bundled together to give merchants full control over how they accept Bitcoin and ClubCoin payments.

    Time Frame...

    Our goal is to have a limited Alpha version ready to launch this month! This will be invite only to a small group of leaders/members to use the platform and look for any bugs. Then we will launch the limited Beta to all Founders who can begin using it and testing it around the first week of August.

    After this we should be ready to go live with the first Open Beta in mid to late August.

    We are close! We work hard on this everyday and we are just as anxious as you are to get this launched to the market so we can begin using it.

    You will receive more details as each milestone is reached and we will let you know all the details of how you can really cash in on promoting this platform when it's time.

    Lost Commissions Paid

    We had a few days with some hiccups. This was either due to the website being offline, scripts timing out or just general errors that were never fixed properly. We have built a commission checker and believe we have fixed about 95% of all errors.

    This commission checker is a script that goes through each invoice to track where and how it was paid out. When it finds an error it fixes it and you will see this show up in your commission records with a date that is out of order.

    *For instance on May 2nd we had a malfunction in the binary that never cycled for the day, it pushed everything over an extra day.

    We ran this script to find lost cycles and it found hundreds of them, they were paid on the day we ran the script but the date showed the original May 2nd date. You can expect to see adjustments like this from time to time as we run this script.

    This tool may also work against you too, if you were double paid a commission or if a move happened in your team that was never fixed this new tool will fix it and claw back commissions that you did not earn.

    All commissions are now 100% up to date, if you have any questions about missing commissions please open a support ticket

    Korean Market on Fire... New Support

    We have seen explosive growth happening in South Korea, there are some truly incredible leaders in that region doing amazing events and supporting BitClub Network to the fullest and we want to say Thank You!

    We are now dedicating exclusive resources to the Korean market that will include hiring a dedicated support person and adding the Korean language to our ticketing system so that your questions can be asked in Korean and answered quickly through our platform.

    There are many features we can add as we grow with you and expand our support to ensure that all questions and issues are handled quickly. If you are in the Korean market and you have been waiting on an outstanding issue please be patient as we implement this new strategy.

    We are working hard to expand support for you!

    New Mobile Apps - Increased Security

    We have been working on two new mobile apps that will allow you to access BitClub Network directly through native iOS and Android. This app will be constantly evolving to the point where it will become the platform you use most.

    The first version of this app is almost ready. It will include a login to your back office where you can manage your profile, request commissions, pay invoices, and enroll new members easily.

    It will also serve as a two factor authentication for when you sign in on the web. You can set up a secure PIN on this device too and use it for withdrawals and any profile changes.

    In later versions we will be adding messaging directly into the app so you can stay connected with news and updates, we will also be adding a full mobile wallet for both ClubCoin and Bitcoin so that you can use the app to easily pay through the CoinPay platform or any other Bitcoin merchant platform.

    In short, this app will be the future of BitClub Network and we are close to releasing the first version

    Here is a quick little teaser of the app...

    New Languages Going LIVE!

    We have translated the website and videos into two new languages. Turkish and Swahili.

    Both of these languages will be live within the next 24 hours and you can already see the videos have been posted to Youtube for them. We are excited to continue expanding worldwide and as we grow in new markets we will continue to support you and translate the website.

    We are so excited about the future of BitClub Network. Our leaders continue to impress and inspire us everyday and we are thankful to have the opportunity to build this global platform for everyone.

    We are growing faster each month and supporting this growth is our top priority. We believe this network is special and can have a huge impact on Bitcoin as it becomes mainstream.

    Thank you for your support and dedication!

    -BCN Support Team

Ethereum Pool, Special Leaders Meeting

  • Ethereum Pool, Special Leaders Meeting
    Date: June 21st

    Ethereum Pool...

    This week has been very interesting with Ethereum and the DAO. If you haven't heard there was a hack on the DAO platform that exposed a bug allowing hackers to steal around $60 million worth of Ether.

    The DAO runs on top of the Ethereum platform and while Ethereum was not affected, just the DAO was breached it brought the entire Ethereum community together to figure out a solution on the best action to take on fixing it.

    There were many proposals made before an attempt to "re-hack" the hackers was successful in recovering the funds. This has caused a very wild week in the crypto community and extreme volatility in the Bitcoin, Ether, DAO, and even ClubCoin prices.

    We are in a very cool time right now. Blockchain technology is brand new and it has the power to re-shape the world in many different ways. Bugs are being exposed, then fixed and the progression in this industry is fun to watch and even more fun to be apart of!

    Regardless of what happens next, this event will have a huge impact on the Ethereum network and the future of digital smart contracts. It may even define them entirely!

    As for BitClub Network we are all in! We are taking the opportunity to load up on new Ethereum mining equipment and are very bullish on the future of this industry.

    So today we have opened up 1,200 more shares of the Ethereum mining pool and we are allowing ANYONE to buy shares until its sold out. It does not matter if you already purchased a share or what rank and qualification you are at.

    You can buy multiple shares and own many machines that you own and can request shipment if you want to mine them on your own!

    Click Here to purchase your share

    DISCLAIMER: This is risky! Ethereum could end up failing and you could lose your entire investment, so please be aware of this and purchase any shares at your own risk.

    Special Leaders ONLY Meeting...

    BitClub has been working on something very big and we are excited to share details about it! But first, we are holding a special leaders only meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia so that we can show the top leaders if BitClub first and be ready to launch.

    Get more information on this event - Click Here

    New Phishing Email... BEWARE!

    We have received multiple reports this week about a new Phishing email that is going out to members. This one is very clever so beware!

    It looks very similar to the emails our system sends when you have a new support ticket. Our emails ask you to login to view the response, these hackers are taking advantage of this and sending to a URL that looks similar and tells you to re-enter your login details.

    They have broken into multiple accounts and please understand there is not a lot we can do if someone has access to your account and requests a withdrawal. We have security in place to flag potential IP mismatches and different BTC addresses when changed on the account, but many times these are paid out and once paid the funds are not recoverable.

    There is only 1 way to protect yourself and it works on 99% of all hacks, that is to enable Google Authenticator as your 2 factor security. Once you have registered a device you are given a code that you must enter each time you login and when you do withdrawals and profile changes.

    Please pass this news along and protect yourself!

    -BCN Support

Everything up to date, Future looks bright!

  • Everything up to date, Future looks bright!
    Date: June 13th

    Over past few days since bringing everything back online you may have noticed a few pieces of the website giving 502 errors and some pieces of the site even showing offline in various regions. This was due to a Cloudflare issue when updating our DNS and new server IP's.

    Anytime you change the DNS of a domain and move to different servers with new IP's there will be some temporary issues as everything updates globally. The issue was compounded further due to Cloudflare, which is a service we use to act as the first shield of defense.

    Basically Cloudflare kept throwing these 502 errors because it was trying to connect to older IP addresses and was seeing them down, but this has now been fixed and we are seeing the website live in every region of the world. If you are still seeing these errors, refresh your browser or clear out some older cookies with a hard refresh.

    Mining Pool Earnings...

    When moving the servers our payment scripts were not live for the mining pool earnings and you may have noticed a few missing payments between (June 7th-11th) depending on your region this could have been different. This has also been fully updated and everything is now paid up to date.

    Withdrawal Delays...

    The last thing we had some lingering issues with were the withdrawals being backed up longer than usual. We made some big changes to these scripts and had to pause the payouts for a few days until everything was put back together.

    All withdrawals are now fully paid up and you can except all new Bitcoin, ClubCoin, and Ethereum withdrawal requests to be processed within 24 hours again.

    Thanks again for your patience while we made these upgrades, we are now running at 100% and if you are seeing any lingering issues on your account please open a support ticket so we can help you.

    What's Next?

    With our continued growth we are gearing up for another large purchase of mining equipment, this will be for the brand new S9 Antminers which are using 16nm technology and are almost 4x more efficient than the S7 models.

    We will keep you posted on the exact amount of power and the date when it will hit the pool but we are going to be one of the very first to deploy these chips.

    The thing that is setting us apart from other miners in this space is our relationship with both Bitfury and Bitmain to continue to buy the newest mining equipment as it hits the market in bulk and then host it in a facility that provides some of the cheapest power on earth.

    With the current price spike in Bitcoin touching $700 today (WOW!!) we continue to be extremely profitable and take advantage of buying opportunities as we move toward this critical halving event within the next 30 days!

    Last Ethereum Pool Sale - June 22nd!

    This will be the last time we offer any Ethereum pool shares, after this round the pool will be closed and will payout until the Ethereum protocol moves over to Proof-of-Stake (or until it's no longer profitable).

    The benefit with this pool is you are purchasing actual GPU miners and these GPU cards can be used in all kinds of mining, so when Ethereum does stop you have the option to either take possession of your machine(s) by paying shipping and taxes or we will most likely have another option ready to mine another coin.

    For this last offer we are removing the limits for all accounts so that you can purchase as many shares as you like. We are going to be offering another 1,200 shares of the pool on Wednesday June 22nd and then it will be done and no longer offered again.

    We see big things with Ethereum and there is still a nice window to mine the coins for cheaper than you can purchase them over the course of the next year. Now is also a great time to buy if you are sitting on Bitcoin that has just pumped up.

    This promotion will run in the same way as the others, you will see a countdown timer to when you can begin purchasing the shares and we will leave it open until all shares are sold out.

    The next 30,60,90 days...

    Over the past 6 weeks we had to spend a lot of time just keeping the website running. In short, we outgrew our original framework and we had to pause a lot of projects to bring all hands on deck to move our website, separate our scripts, upgrade our databases, and basically overhaul the entire website from the ground up.

    This is now complete and we are back on track to bring a lot of new features to market over the next few months.

    CoinPay Smart Payment App...

    The most urgent project is the Beta version of CoinPay that will be running through our own platform first as we test it, bring new features online and get it ready for a full Alpha launch. You can expect a big update on this in the coming weeks as we push for a July 1st Beta

    New Stats...

    We are working on an entirely new stats module that will include full breakdowns of your commissions, better reporting of your teams and a much more robust system to search and sort through dates and records to know exactly what is happening with your team. This also includes that new lead management and member management system.

    Web Wallets...

    Next we have our own web wallets coming online.. One for Bitcoin and one for ClubCoin. You will be able to use these just like real web wallets to spend, transfer and have instant control over your coins to pay invoices and use however you wish.

    BitClub App...

    We have been working on an app that is going to be a 2 factor security device that you can use similar to google authenticator or Authy, and it's going to be a mobile version of the member platform so that you can securely access your account and manage your BitClub Network business.

    Eventually this app will become a full mobile wallet, but initially it will be more for communication, security, and management of your BitClub Network accounts.

    Last Thing...

    We have a BIG SURPRISE that we haven't told anyone about yet. In fact, we are not going to give any details about this, except to tell you that we will be holding a secret leaders only meeting to announce this project and share full details with you.

    This is really big! It could take BitClub Network to a whole new level and we have been keeping it secret on purpose until it's ready to share!

    You will receive more details in an update this week with the location and date of this meeting. Anyone with the rank of Builder or higher will be able to attend this event and get a first hand look at what we have been working on.

    We hope you are ready for an exciting few months!

    -BCN Support Team

Downtime & New Features

  • Downtime & New Features
    Date: June 9th

    Back Online! was down for about 3 days. The downtime was initially caused by a hardware raid card failure that happened during one of our incremental backup processes, which is the worst time for this to happen because it ended up corrupting the latest backup stream and also caused the disk data to be unrecoverable.

    At first we thought this was a clever hack attempt, but looking deeper we found it was just a hardware issue and assumed the website would be online within a few hours after replacement.

    However, since the backup was corrupted we had to manually rebuild pieces of the database and it ended up taking a lot longer than we expected.

    The Good News...

    Over the past few months we have been working on many new upgrades to our system and most of them needed some scheduled downtime to go live, so we took the opportunity to implement everything we could all at once and what you see today is a much improved platform on a completely new infrastructure.

    This new infrastructure is a lot more flexible so that we can work on new features and modules that run independently of each other. We also moved our entire back end to locked down servers that are not accessible in anyway.

    You wont notice much improvement on the front end, but the back end just went from a small set up to an Enterprise type of set up that will allow us to deploy an Enterprise development structure too. This is very exciting and it was a key step that needed to happen so we could be ready for our next phase of our growth.

    Update your password!

    One of the things we changed is how and where passwords are being stored. You will see an alert at the top of each page to update your password. This is required and if you do not update your password within the next week or so your account will be locked down until you make the change.

    Invoicing System Improvements...

    We also upgraded our invoicing system with a load balancer and spread across a few servers. This will allow us to generate more addresses and accept 100x more transactions per second.

    With our old system we hit the capacity of how many addresses could be created simultaneously. You may have noticed this on our last Ethereum pool sale when some invoices were generated without a BTC address because so many people were trying to pay at the same time.

    We also made some updates to our block explorer that will help improve payment detection process and make the system even faster.

    In short, this downtime ended up being very productive but it was not ideal, nor was it planned, and we apologize the website being offline for as long as it was.

    Stay tuned for some more updates, we have some exciting stuff on the horizon!

    -BCN Support Team

Additional Ethereum Shares, Mining Updates & More

  • Additional Ethereum Shares, Mining Updates & More
    Date: May 26th

    BitClub Network continues to grow very fast and it's ONLY because of the incredible leaders who are working hard all over the world to build this. We are blown away by the commitment and dedication that members have and we want you to know that we take this responsibility very seriously!

    This opportunity is changing people's lives and as we introduce more and more people to Bitcoin, and to all of the opportunities Blockchain technology offers, we are seeing success story after success story pour in. This is what gets us most excited!

    If you have a story you would like to share please email us and include a photo so we can share it with the world. By sharing your story you may be added to our new success stories page that we are putting together now.

    Email your story to -

    Update on Restructure

    As we grow bigger we face more challenges and right now we are in the middle of a very large restructuring process of our database and pretty much our entire website. We are making it more secure and more stable so there will never be a single point of failure.

    This process has been ongoing for a few months but as mentioned in previous updates this is our top priority right now. Keeping a website like ours running smoothly is not an easy task and it's really a thankless job.

    Most people just expect websites to work and don't know how much time and effort really goes into the back end, supporting it, making sure all the pieces work together, and most importantly the data is kept safe and secure.

    We have staff members working around the clock and we continue to hire more programmers and top notch security experts to audit our website and keep us ahead of the curve.

    At this point we have state of the art detection systems running that continue to get stronger and stronger as we grow. So we just wanted to take a quick minute to thank all the programmers and people behind the scenes who work so hard! You will never know these people but they are responsible for keeping BitClub Network online. Thank You!

    NEW Ethereum Mining Shares

    Everyday we have members asking us if we will be offering more Ethereum mining shares, and when.

    Well today we have some good news for you... BitClub Network has secured a large batch of Ethereum mining equipment that is being assembled right now and will be ready to begin mining on June 1st!

    We are going to be offering 2,000 shares for sale on June 1st. These shares will work just like the last batches and the shares will be included in the same pool we offered to Founders. These shares are now open to everyone in the company!

    In the next few days you will see a countdown clock on the website that will count down to the time when the shares will go on sale. Once these go live you will be able to purchase them for $1,000 USD worth of Bitcoin or ClubCoin and all commissions will be paid out just like the purchase of Pool #2.

    We are going to be limiting this offer to 1 share per member account, however if the shares do not sell out within the first two days we will remove this restriction and allow you to purchase up to 5 shares per account.

    Ethereum is gaining a lot of momentum and we believe the mining window is too important not to jump on and become a large miner in the Ethereum space. You can easily be involved and since you are purchasing actual GPU miners they will retain value long after Ethereum mining turns to Proof-of-Stake.

    You will receive more details as the sale for this equipment approaches.

    Bitcoin Mining Update...

    Over the past 30 days we have mined 112 blocks (2,800 Bitcoin or approx $1,265,000).

    You are about to see a nice jump in our total hashing power that will push our pool well over 50 PH. You may have noticed the power has been flat the last month and earnings per share have been down a bit. This is because we've been waiting on some of the new 16nm chips, but in the mean time we have secured some of the older models and this power is about to come online.

    We also are waiting on Bitmain for more power as they are getting ready to launch their new S9 models this fall so we will be turning over all of our remaining S5 models and some of the S7 models around September for these new chips.

    It's very important, especially right now, that we are buying strategically and we must wait for the best deals and opportunities to purchase so that we are not paying retail and can continue to be profitable within this competitive industry.

    The current difficulty is at nearly 200,000,000,000 and looks to move even higher in the next 10 days. With the halving coming in July we are ramping up now with a lot of power (just like everyone else is doing).

    We expect the difficulty to continue to rise from now until the halving, but afterward it should drop off and the miners who are efficient and using the latest technology will remain, while the less efficient miners will unplug, and the crazy miners will mine at a loss today with their eyes on the future.

    We don't have a crystal ball on what will happen so all we can do is position ourselves in the best possible scenarios and be ready for the opportunities this halving will soon create.

    Special Offer on Older Equipment...

    If you are looking to take possession of your machines and buyout then we have an amazing deal on the S5 Antminers right now (especially in the US market). If you are in the United States we will double your hashing power and send you twice as many PSU's to mine with on your own.

    This means whatever your quote is for your hashing power you will receive double with free shipping. If you can find a special deal or free power somewhere then you can hash these machines for a long time and we can even show you how to point them to our pool if you wish.

    Looking at a pure ROI this could mean big returns and since we will be selling off this equipment fully by September we would much rather give them to our members at a special deal. This may be the best time ever to get yourself into mining, right before the halving and before a major shift in chip technology.

    If you are interested open a support ticket and request a quote for details

    Keep up the great work everyone!

    -BCN Support Team

New Updates

  • New Updates
    Date: May 5th

    BitClub Network continues to grow in many markets around the world and as our membership expands we are constantly improving our platform by adding new features, new security measures and more value for our members. Right now we have some many projects in our pipeline and we wanted to give you an update on some of them today.

    Quick overview in this update...

    • US Market Officially Turned Off
    • Security Audit & Restructure
    • May 2nd Commissions Error
    • Smart Payment App
    • Lead Management System
    • New Marketing Campaign Tracker
    • Update on Record Breaking Block

    United States Market Update...

    As of May 1st we have pulled out of the United States market and overall the pull back went very smoothly. There were are few isolated cases but this transition went as expected and we are now fully blocking all new memberships in the US or US territories.

    You will notice that if you try and access bitclubnetwork from a United States IP address it will redirect you to a special page with a message and login. If you had an account before May 1st, you can login and gain access while you remain logged in. Once you logout all access is again restricted.

    We will be expanding this script to include all replicated pages, our pool website and we will begin blocking some other features and product offers as well. Now that this change is live you will begin to see a lot more information coming out about our future plans including products and services we will be launching in the future.

    Security Audit & Restructure...

    Our platform goes through constant security audits to ensure that all websites are optimal and there are no security holes for hackers to take advantage of.

    As you may or may not know we deal with daily attacks to both our main website and pool servers so it's very important to take the time to properly structure and occasionally restructure our databases and processes to stay ahead of the game.

    After our last audit we have decided to make some significant changes to our architecture and have already started it. We are not going to disclose exactly what we are doing but we wanted to mention this because it will be a big focus over the next month and you may see some down time as we make these upgrades.

    You may also see some odd things as we upgrade the database but these are only display issues. This includes things like seeing your balances fluctuate, volume display off, and seeing old or cached versions of your account.

    There is no way around making these upgrades, we have delayed it for as long as we could running our existing architecture but the fact is we have outgrown it.

    Hopefully you don't even notice things but if you do see errors please understand this is due to these upgrades and they are only temporary things. If something major happens we will post an update about it.

    May 2nd Commissions Error

    On May 2nd our site reached full capacity and crashed. The actual downtime was minimal but it did have a big effect on paying commissions and calculating volume. Our CRONs were knocked off so they never ran to pay commissions. This includes Binary, Mining earnings, ETH pool, and more.

    Luckily we were able to make some quick fixes before the next pay period hit so we only missed one day and everything is now running stable. We will be manually applying a credit for the May 2nd commissions within the next few days but just wanted to let you know that we are well aware of this so you do not need to open a support ticket about your account if it's from May 2nd.

    Smart Payment App Updates

    Part of the restructuring process mentioned above is to make room for the Beta version of the new invoicing system that will be launching into our platform first.

    Right now our team is working on a full write up that will have details about this platform, including some screen shots and a demo that will give you a lot more information on how the Smart Payment App is going to work.

    You can expect a big update on this project in our next news release next week!

    New Lead Management System...

    We have not forgotten about this project and just wanted to let you know we will be launching this in two parts right after the upgrades. This is a new comprehensive platform where you can track your enrollment team, export your leads, sort and view stats and really get a pulse of your team.

    This first part to go live will be personal enrollments showing you all the people you have personally sponsored and providing detailed stats on each of them. This includes leads and members so you can search, sort and really see what is happening. You will see rank, total cycles and how active each member is and you can even export the lists based on certain criteria.

    The second part will be the enrollment tree where you can drill down into many levels. This is being separated because we will not show you quite as much detail for anyone you have not personally enrolled but you will get a full sortable view of your team. Initially we will launch this with 4-5 levels of but this will be expanded after we have completed our restructure.

    Basically we made this module live and ran some tests and it was so database intensive that leaders with large teams could potentially crash the system because we are already operating near full capacity. So we must wait until the new architecture is launched.

    New Marketing Campaign Tracker LIVE...

    We have been working on a very simple way for you to track all of the marketing you are doing to the replicated websites and have released the tracking module for the domain. Soon this will be expanded to all replicated websites but here is how this works...

    1. Go under Resources and click on Marketing Tracker (or you can click here)

    2. On this page you will find full instructions for setting up tracking links, but basically all you need to do is create a Tracker Name by entering a unique name that will be used in the URL to promote. Enter a short description so you know how the Tracker Name will be used (only you see this description).

    Example: If you want to post your link to Facebook you would put Facebook in the description and then always use this link for your FB posts.

    3. Add the Tracker Name to the end of your existing URL and begin promoting it! Example --

    On this page it will track all the unique hits, opt-ins and upgrades. This data will also be available on the lead management platform so you can easily see where all of your leads/sign ups are coming from.

    Update on Record Setting Block...

    As it turns out the verification could not be completed on the request we received claiming from someone claiming to be the owner of the accidental transaction fee of 291 Bitcoin in a block that was mined by our pool.

    We have decided to extend this another week allowing others to step forward and claim this before we begin giving it away in a very strategic manner.

    We have a cool plan to give away all 291 Bitcoin and possibly even raise more in the process that will all be given away to charity and to the Bitcoin Core development team. We will be revealing this plan next Thursday if we are unable to locate the rightful owner by then.

    That's all for now! We continue to work hard everyday on a wide arrange of projects and new features and we believe the next 90 days is really going to be exciting. It's very important that we updated our platform so we can continue to build and scale at the pace we are growing.

    As always thank you so much for being part of BitClub Network!

    -BCN Support Team

Leaving United States Market, ClubCoin updates & More...

  • Leaving United States Market, ClubCoin updates & More...
    Date: April 29th

    • US Market Update
    • ClubCoin Updates
    • System & Security Upgrades
    • Update on Record Breaking Block

    Update on the United States Market

    BitClub is now in the last day of registration for members residing in the United States. The official cutoff time to join is April 30th at 11:59pm (US Eastern Time).

    Here is what will happen after this time...

    1. All existing members in the United States will be given exempt status and you will have full access to your account as mentioned in previous updates. When you go to our website you will see a new login page that includes an alert.

    2. All web traffic to our websites from within the United States will be blocked and redirected to a special page. This goes for all web traffic to our main website and our replicated websites as well. On this special page you will be able to login if you are a member with exempt status. (upgraded before May 1st)

    3. All leads and inactive members will be DELETED from the system permanently. Any account that is not upgraded and has been flagged within the United States will be removed from the database.

    4. If your account has been identified within the United States we will be providing more details and information as we make this transition

    If you have any questions please open a support ticket

    ClubCoin Updates

    ClubCoin is making good progress with each passing day. Our network is stable and growing, all desktop wallets are working and staking without any major bugs, and we continue to see the amount of the ClubCoin transactions going up.

    We have a solid development team working on many new features that you will begin to see as we get closer to the Smart Payment App Beta test.

    Here are some new features and recent updates...

    1. New Mobile Wallet

    We have been working with Coinomi to get ClubCoin listed on their platform and we are excited to announce the wallet is LIVE and out of the Beta phase. You can now download it through Google Play store and install on Android devices.

    Download Coinomi on Google Play

    Coinomi has great features and really tight security, you can also exchange ClubCoin for other ALT coins very easily and hold them within Coinomi's App. We are excited to be part of this mobile wallet and encourage you to download it.

    2. New Facebook Support Page

    If you haven't seen our new page yet for support Click Here and bookmark it. We provide full support on ClubCoin related issued through this so if you have any questions or would like to provide feedback or testimonials to help support future members we would love to hear from you.

    We are also in the process of launching a new interactive FAQ's support website.

    3. New Paper Wallets

    If you would like to keep ClubCoin offline we are finalizing the details on full tutorial on how you can easily generate a paper wallet address and literally keep your coins offline. These wallets will not be staking wallets but will provide the most security and should be used more like a vault to safely store large amounts of ClubCoin.

    More details will be made available on our Facebook page when these go live.

    4. Poloniex Update

    ClubCoin has been approved for Poloniex and has passed all qualifications and requirements. They are unable to notify us exactly "when" ClubCoin will be listed but they said sometime in the near future and they would let us know. The reason they cannot say anything specific is to avoid any possible insider information. When the coin will be listed they will announce details to everyone through their Twitter page.

    We will keep you posted on this and we are very excited to be listed with this exchange!

    New System & Security Upgrades...

    1. Email System

    We have made some big changes to our email platform and over the past week the delivery of these emails has gone way up. It's very important to verify your email to keep your account secure!

    *If you tried in the past to verify email and did not receive an email in your inbox please try it again!

    2. Password Recovery

    We have made some improvements to this recovery process and you can now get your password through a more secure server and process. If you lost your password please try this new recovery method first before opening a support ticket.

    3. Protect Your Account

    We cannot stress enough how important security is on your account. Lately, we have seen an increase in the number of members who are claiming their accounts are being broken into.

    In every case these accounts DO NOT have a second form of authentication in place and in most cases they don't have email verified and have some really easy password

    If you are storing large balances of Bitcoin, ClubCoin or Ether you should make sure your account is secure and you can do this by following these few steps...

    - Verify your email address
    - Make your password hard to guess
    - Set up Google Authenticator

    We have a lot more security updates coming in May, including our new SMS verify system and a custom PIN used for sensitive information. But in the mean time protect your account!

    Record Setting Block #409008

    We have confirmed this Block to be the largest block ever mined by the Bitcoin Network.... Yea, it's a world record!

    This has created a lot of buzz and we wanted to make sure we handled it correctly on behalf of all BitClub members to set a good example for the Bitcoin industry.

    We believe the rightful owner of this transaction has come forward and we are now working on verifying all the details before returning the 291 Bitcoin back.

    We are currently being advised by both BitFury and Bitmain to help verify details on a technical level and we believe we have found a good candidate. However, we are not sure if they are going to provide the necessary details to claim it.

    If they are unable to verify everything we will proceed with giving it away.

    Either way this process has been pretty crazy with dozens of people contacting us claiming to be the owners of the transaction. We had some good laughs and heard some very entertaining stories. There were even claims we somehow knew that we would hit this exact block so we sent this large transaction intentionally to get publicity out of it.

    We also saw multiple news outlets reaching out for details and people with very passionate opinions telling us what they think we should do about this. We appreciate all the suggestions from everyone and we will keep you posted on whatever happens over the next few days with this process.

    Thanks for being a member of BitClub Network!

    -BCN Support Team

Record Setting Block... By Mistake!

  • Record Setting Block... By Mistake!
  • Date: April 26th

    Our mining pool got very very lucky today!

    We mined a block that was worth a total of 316.523 Bitcoin (about $147,000 USD)

    Here is the block -

    However, this was clearly a mistake made from a single transaction within the block that accidentally sent 291 Bitcoin as the transaction fee instead of putting it to the receiving address.

    We have actually seen this happen before many times but never on this scale. In fact, looking at all the blocks ever mined this may be the biggest mistake of all time.

    After doing some research into this transaction it seems to be a very unique transaction. Our initial thoughts are possibly a mixing service or some type of automated payment script that may have malfunctioned and put the wrong amount in the wrong place. (this is just a guess).

    We are currently waiting for someone to reach out and claim their mistake so we can verify them and send this Bitcoin back. But so far, as of this posting, nobody has been able to verify it.

    If we cannot verify the details then we are giving it all back to the Bitcoin community!

    We feel like this Bitcoin does not belong to us or our members and because it was a mistake made from what looks to be a pretty shady source we can use it for good if nobody comes forward to claim it.

    This gives us an opportunity to prove we are one of the good guys in this industry and despite the stigma of being an MLM and being in the Bitcoin space we can operate in an ethical manner for the benefit of everyone.

    So, here is what we are going to do...

    We are going to give the rightful owner 1 week to contact us and verify themselves. If nobody emerges during this time then we are going to donate the entire 291 Bitcoin back to the community or to a Bitcoin related charity.

    Ideally, we would like to provide a portion to Bitcoin core development, the Bitcoin Foundation, and we will be open for other allocation options that benefit the community as a whole!

    We hope this opens up some eyes as to what kind of organization we are, but honestly people will more than likely continue to believe what they want and we will continue to do what we've been doing since we launched BitClub Network 18 months ago... EXECUTE OUR MODEL!

    We will keep you posted as we try and validate the owner of this transaction, but one thing is for sure... We will not be keeping this Bitcoin either way!

    -BCN Support Team

Bitcoin Mining Pool Stats: 12th April 2016

  • Bitcoin Mining Pool Stats...

    Over the past 30 days we have mined 149 Blocks, which is equal to 3,725 Bitcoin. Using today's price of $425/Bitcoin that is equal to $1,583,125 USD. Our total electricity and costs last month was just under $400,000 (including management and labor). This has created over 1 million in new Bitcoin for BitClub members in the last 30 days alone!

    You can easily verify these numbers from our pool website or by looking on the blockchain at all the blocks we have been hitting over this time.

    Not only are we making good profit right now from mining but we keep selling older equipment to buy newer models which allows us to be even more efficient and profitable as we grow. This is the key to our long term success and it's starting to pay off in a big way.

    To top it off we are getting ready to add even more hashing power this month and we will continue to expand aggressively as more members purchase shares.

    Right now our mining pools are operating in a very efficient manner that allows us to fulfill all current obligations to members without a single new member joining or purchasing a share of our pool. We can continue to expand and be profitable just based on our repurchase model (which is amazing!!)

    Plus now we are also expanding into GPU mining and will be bringing everything under one roof to maximize our Ether mining pool too. This pool is just getting ramped up and will continue to be more efficient and more profitable as we go.


    We have been working on a lot of new features and many of them are all coming together at the same time. We will give you another big update on Friday or over the weekend with details.

    Thanks for being a member of BitClub Network!

Mining Update: 22nd March 2016

  • Bitcoin Mining Pool - 500 Blocks!

    We are excited to announce a big milestone of 500 Blocks mined by BitClubPool!

    If you look at our pool website you will see just under 500 but keep in mind we had 10 blocks mined on our old platform before switching over

    You can see the accurate count here:

    The total amount of Bitcoin mined to date is 13,104 (including transaction fees) which = $5,464,368 at today's price!

    *This total is only Bitcoin mined from our branded pool and does not include all the Bitcoin we have earned mining in other pools or the mining that was done before our pool was even branded on the blockchain. We estimate the total mined to be closer to $7 million.

    We believe Bitcoin mining is going to change in a big way this year when the block halving occurs around mid July.

    Many mining operations will be forced to close their doors if they are not efficient and since we have taken the time to build our infrastructure correctly and we continue to be more profitable on a month to month basis we think our biggest opportunity may come after the halving occurs.

    Of course we don't know for sure what is going to happen at the halving, but we do know our pool will be running on the most efficient mining chips in the world, hashing in the most efficient environment on the planet, giving all members the best opportunity to earn Bitcoin for years to come!

    So here's to the next 500 Blocks!!

Ethereum Pool Launching, ClubCoin Updates: 14th March 2016

  • Ethereum Pool

    We've been working hard on putting together the Ethereum mining pool and getting everything ready to launch tomorrow! We are happy to announce that we are right on schedule with this and will be launching the pool once the clock above reaches 0:00:00:00.

    Ethereum is really starting to pick up steam in the market and we believe this pool could end up being of big value for those who are able to get a share. This pool is not available for all members, it's exclusive to Founders only. If you are a Founder you will see a link to click on and purchase your pool, on this page you will also find all details for the pool before you decide purchase.

    We expect this pool to sell out pretty quickly with the current buzz around Ethereum right now but if it doesn't we will open up any shares not sold to non-founders. For more details just wait for the clock to hit zero and click on the link provided. If you are not a Founder when you click the link it will not work for you.

    ClubCoin Now Accepted by BitClub

    We have fully integrated ClubCoin into our invoicing system for all products. This will allow you to use your virtual wallet balance to pay for any BitClub Network products offered, including this new Ethereum Mining Pool share!

    Next we will allow you transfer your ClubCoin from one account to another one so that you can use it to help your teams upgrade or consolidate into a single account to make a purchase. Please note the value of ClubCoin fluctuates against Bitcoin and this value is based on the actual market value at the time of purchase.

    After this transfer feature, we will be launching the ClubCoin web wallet that will give you full control over your ClubCoin and it will no longer be a virtual wallet. We strongly recommend that if you are using BitClub as a wallet for your ClubCoin you have 2 factor enabled and high security on the account.

    This web wallet will be the final step before we introduce our new Merchant Platform in Beta. More details coming soon!

New Mining Updates: 2nd March 2016

  • More Mining Power!

    As you may have probably seen we boosted our mining power significantly this month by purchasing 14PH during the month of February. We are now expanding with both BitFury and Bitmain so we can outpace just about anyone who is not a manufacturer themselves and as you can see we have been shooting up the charts.

    Our plan is to purchase about 9-10 more PH in March depending on our growth.

    This currently puts our hashing power over 37 PH but as you can see we are hovering around 40 PH from other miners. At one point we said we may close the pool but we have decided to keep the pool open and charge a mining fee for anyone outside of the network who wants to continue mining with us.

    Even with this fee in place our pool is very attractive for other miners because of the constant uptime and we are seeing a lot of miners use our pool as a backup pool when their pool goes offline, so rather than cut it off we want to help serve the long term needs of the entire bitcoin ecosystem by keeping it open. Win-Win for everyone!

    You will also see a very nice uptick in the daily mining earnings once this current period expires because the last week has been our best by far. We are hitting a lot of blocks at a difficulty level that is currently off the charts! The last few days alone we have been averaging around 10 blocks per day, which at today's BTC price is well over $100k per day 🙂

    NEW Ethereum Mining Pool

    We have been working on a secret project for the past few months and we are ready to let you in on it!

    If you have not yet heard of Ethereum yet we strongly suggest you check it out because many experts believe it has the potential to be just as big (if not bigger) than Bitcoin itself.

    What is Ethereum?

    To put it simply Ethereum is the Blockchain of ALL things. Bitcoin is used mainly for financial reasons and in our opinion it will always be the king blockchain!

    However, Ethereum is a much broader blockchain that is starting to become very useful and is gaining a lot of momentum. Many applications can be built on top of the Ethereum blockchain (stuff like smart contracts to store agreements, property rights, medical records, and pretty much any other records you want to store using a secure blockchain).

    Ethereum runs on a token much like Bitcoin that is called Ether (ETH). This token can also be mined just like Bitcoin and servers to protect and verify the network.

    Right now Ethereum has a $600 Million USD market cap and it's still very early in it's adoption. In fact, it's really just for programmers and developers right now and is not intended to be user friendly yet. You must know how to use a command line interface in order to do anything with it, but the tools and user friendliness are coming very soon.

    We see a HUGE opportunity right now to mine Ether and much like Bitcoin in the early days of mining, Ether can be mined using GPU's and is still small enough where anyone can get in the game.

    It's a little bit harder than Bitcoin mining but with our resources, our cheap power options, and of course the biggest asset we have... YOU! We believe we can operate a very large Ethereum mining pool and provide an opportunity for all members get Ether before it really takes off!

    How will this Pool work?

    First of all this pool will ONLY be open to Founder Members. You must be a Founder in order to purchase a share and we are only offering 1 share per Founder position.

    You also must act quickly when this launches because we are only offering 1,000 shares. Each share will be $1,000 USD that can be paid for in Bitcoin or ClubCoin (which will be ready to use in our entire invoicing system this month).

    This pool will not require re-purchases like the other pools so you keep 100% of the daily profits paid out per share. There will not be any partial shares and the pool will run for as long as mining Ether is available (no set time limit).

    The commissions on purchasing the pool will be paid exactly the same way as Pool 2, where all percentages are the same and everything is paid upline through the binary and level up.

    Right now we are currently mining Ether on a small scale and we plan to offer the shares for sale on March 15th with the expectation of the pool starting April 1st. This pool will be LIVE on our main pool website (

    When you go to the site you will be able to see stats for Bitcoin and Ethereum. You will see mining power and see each block that is mined by our Ethereum pool. At the time of this writing Ether is worth about $8.50 USD and each new block is mined in about 10-15 seconds.

    PLEASE NOTE: Just like our Bitcoin mining pools we DO NOT GUARANTEE any returns on this and it's likely even riskier than Bitcoin mining. The Ethereum project could go under and Ether could be worth $0.00 USD in the next year, or it could be worth $50, $100 or more. We have no idea and will never set any ROI for this, we strongly suggest you understand these risks and do your own research on Ethereum mining before considering to purchase a share.

    *If this first round goes well and we see good results from the pool we may open it up for another 1,000 shares or more, but the earliest we would consider doing this would be May so if you are interested make sure you pay attention to these next few updates and be ready to purchase on March 15th!

    **Also, If you are a Master Builder you do not need to purchase a share of this pool because we are going to give you one share FREE! This goes for anyone who is at the rank of Master Builder or higher by March 15th.

    We have a lot more details coming soon on this but just wanted to give you a heads up about it so you had time to check out Ethereum before it goes live

    Oh and if you have a Bittrex account already set up just go under the Wallets tab and do a search for ETH symbol. You will see a + sign where you can generate an ETH address and this is what you will use to be paid on. You will earn Ether directly as we mine it, we will not convert it to Bitcoin.

New Mining Equipment Purchase: 10th February 2016

  • We are excited to announce the purchase of an additional 7 PH that will be coming online in the next 1-2 weeks. This will bump our pool from 24 PH up to 31 PH and should keep us very competitive in the mining industry as the difficulty continues to rise.

    The past 30-60 days we have seen the biggest growth in our history and thanks to you we are able to leverage our purchasing power to secure this new mining equipment. We will make an announcement once this new power begins to come online.

    You will also notice some new stats on our mining pool page that will show you how we are doing on our blocks. In the long run the luck should be 100% and as you can see we are right below that for all of the 316 blocks hit by our pool.

    Speaking of we had one of our best days ever yesterday... 7 Blocks found!

Mining Pool Update Date: January 18th

  • Our mining pool is now up and running with over 11 PH in our Iceland facility and we are working out the final details with BitFury to ensure the additional 13 PH is stable and secure. We expect this to be live within the next day or so and we also expect to see an increase in attacks to our pool when we go online so we are preparing for this now!

    We wanted to let everyone know the current mining payout that we started yesterday and will run through the next 9 days is our lowest to date. This is only temporary and you should not be alarmed because we are about to see a huge boost over the next 10 day period when all the new power is LIVE.

    Unfortunately we had two things happening over the past several weeks... First, we were delayed in getting new power online (out of our control, but an issue none the less), and second our membership has been growing very fast with new members joining. So in other words we had thousands of new shares entering our pool while the power stayed the same. In the same time frame the difficulty has been jumping very high so of course the payout is going to be low!

    Since we payout the average of whatever is mined over each 10 day period we just wanted to give you full warning that the next 9 days will be very low! We hope you can understand why and realize it will always bump up and down like this.

New Mining Partnership..

  • We are excited to announce on behalf of all BitClub Network members we have just struck a HUGE deal with BitFury that will secure our mining future for the foreseeable future. With this contract we are purchasing an initial 48 PH between now and September. These machines we purchased are the most efficient in the world right now, they include the new 16nm chips with a fully enclosed liquid immersion cooling system.

    This deal is HUGE for us! We are the first company outside of BitFury themselves to gain access to these machines and the first piece of this power is being prepared as you read this! We hope to see a big chunk hit our pool in the next few days!

    BitClub Network is now working with both BitFury and Bitmain who are the top two mining equipment manufacturers in the world. This ensures that we can expand our mining pool twice as fast and keep up with our growth.

    Expansion plan over the next week...

    At the moment we are waiting on another 3 PH to go live in our Iceland facility, which should be online by the end of the week. We had some holiday delays but the full 11 PH should be hashing very soon.

    We are also adding an additional 13 PH that is coming online from our BitFury deal. This will put our pool at a total of 24 PH, which triples the size of it today.

    We want thank all of our members for believing in us over the past 17 months, it's all because of YOU, that we have been able to position ourselves in the market like we have. Our pool is now growing at a rate the market can't comprehend or keep up with. We are leveraging the power of YOU! A crowd funded Bitcoin mining pool that pays everything back and so far it's working!

    This is something to get REALLY EXCITED about because we couldn't imagine starting the year off any better!

ClubCoin Integration

  • We are going to be integrating ClubCoin into our invoicing system and really providing stats and a LIVE price so that you know how much ClubCoin is worth at any given time. To begin this will be based on the Bittrex price but will soon be an aggregate as we get listed on more exchanges. You will also be able to easily transfer ClubCoin to other members as well as use it to pay for invoices.

    There are a lot of other features that will be going live too so you can begin using your BitClub wallet as a real wallet to pay for anything ClubCoin.

    Stay tuned for more updates and some big mining news :)

    Here's to a big year!

WOW What An Incredible Year... Recap!

  • 2015 was a big year for BitClub Network!

    We established ourselves as one of the top mining pools in the world and have laid a solid foundation that will continue to be profitable for years to come. Our main pool which was launched in July of this year has already mined 200 Blocks so far and we earned an additional 2,800 Bitcoin by contributing power to other pools during the year.

    In total that's around 7,800 Bitcoin valued at over $3,354,000 USD which was all paid out to BitClub Network Members.

    We never expected to mine this much Bitcoin in 2015 but what's even more exciting is our pool is just getting started. We are currently sitting at 7 PH with another 4 PH being plugged in over the next week and we believe 2016 is going to be a huge breakout year for us.

    We also continue to reduce our costs and become more efficient as we grow and since we are constantly purchasing the newest hardware and rolling over the older hardware we are projecting much larger margins this year (even with the rising difficulty and growing hash power of the network).

    At the rate our membership is growing we should see around 3-4 new PH being plugged in per month and this could end up being more as we start to gain traction in markets like China, India and Korea. In fact, we will most likely be closing our pool to the public sometime in the next few months because we don't need anyone to help supplement our power anymore.

    Right now as it stands BitClub Members are 98-99% of the pool anyway so it doesn't make sense to keep it open and share the mining profits with anyone else, even if it's only 1-2%.


  • ClubCoin Listed on Bittrex
  • New Block Explorer
  • New Languages
  • Replicated Website Update
  • Binary error Dec 9th.
  • ATM Network & Merchant Platform

ATM Network & Merchant Platform

These are the next two big projects on our plate!

Our ATM network has been running on a small scale for the past few months and we continue to test it and improve it. Right now we have 7 machines and 5 of them are running. We are planning to launch a fully functioning remittance network for both Bitcoin and ClubCoin that anyone can use to buy and sell directly from.

These machines will be operated by key BitClub members and you will get more information on this as we get closer but we have just taken a big step by launching our block explorer and being listed live on an exchange to establish a real market value BTC/CLUB.

Our plan is to continue testing the ATM network for a few more months to get all the bugs out and find the right deployment strategy to expand. Once we have each machine synced together we will be launching our ATM pool that will allow members the opportunity to own a piece of each ATM on the network and share the profits from all transaction fees and buy/sell spreads.

As of right now we are looking at a late March or early April deployment for the shares and you MUST be a Founder in order to participate in this (any Founder level).

Merchant Platform...

We are getting close to having a beta version of this platform done. The initial target date was to roll it out January 1st by making BitClub Network the first LIVE Beta of the platform but we are a bit delayed on this due to all the other things happening, although not by much!

Our plan is to have this first on our invoicing system by Feb 1st. Then we will need a few weeks to test it and will announce an official launch date after that.

This platform has the potential to be a real game changer. Not only will it tie everything together with ClubCoin being accepted and having a real market place to spend the coins, but we believe it will provide substantial commissions to members who recruit merchants to adopt it.

We have a very unique plan that utilizes a cash back type of model that will give merchants incentive to take the coin and customers incentive to use it. AND of course big incentives for BitClub Members because a piece of each transaction through the cash back model will be rolled through the compensation structure and paid out... Everyone wins!

This project has recently been expanded to include any digital currency that we decide to add to it. So the sky is the limit here, and the best part is the merchant doesn't even need to know they are accepting other currencies because it's instantly converted to Bitcoin.

We will be providing a lot more detail on this but wanted to share a little teaser today to let you know where the ClubCoin ecosystem is headed. We have some bigs coming and 2016 is going to be a big year for BitClub Network.

Thanks for being a member!