Frequently Asked Questions

Questions (and our answers) From Interested Parties Assessing The Bitclub Network Opportunity.

  • q-iconIs This Genuine – Legal – Above Board?

    YES; it is absolutely legal. If it wasn’t I wouldn’t be anywhere near it! Besides legality, I now also always need total transparency with anything I get involved in. I need to know that I can trust what I am being told and can check it myself directly. And on that score, I have never seen a business that is so transparent, and available for scrutiny by the public.

    Think about that – has any company that you have been invovled with (or you are currently involved with) been totally open to the public about how much it is making, how it is making it and how much is being allocated towards what the members and referrers are earning?

    This one ticks all of those boxes even to the point that you can go look at their funds in their Bitcoin wallet for yourself through the site. Once there, click on CHARTS and then scroll down and click HASHRATE DISTRIBUTION. This will show you the biggest Bitcoin mining concerns in the World. You can click in the list below the PIE chart and check all the way through to Bitclub’s mining wallet from where we all get paid our mining pool daily income.

  • q-iconCan You Be Certain That Bitcoin Will Increase In Value In The Long-Term?

    No-one can make that guarantee any more than anyone could guarantee that gold will always, eventually, increase in value. But one of the many wonderful things about joining Bitclub Network instead of going it alone and simply buying Bitcoin to hold for the future is that we will be gaining additional Bitcoin through our mining pool shares.

    So not only will we benefit dramatically if the value increases (and that is what we members have all experienced so far) but we are also hedging against the price not moving dramatically upward by acquiring more Bitcoin automatically. If Bitcoin prices increase the value of what we get is increasing, if it reduces we have less value but either way we are always acquiring more of it.

    Another very powerful thing about Bitclub is they offer mining shares for other cryptocurrencies as well so we can all switch to other Cryptocurrencies at will if that currency offers better financial rewards for the membership. What we do know, because so much has been invested in the Blockchain technology that makes Internet based currency work, is that CRYPTOCURRENCY in one shape or form is here to stay and will accelerate and grow in use.

  • q-iconIs It Really Possible To Make That Much Money With This?

    The sky is, literally, the limit. If we showed you any income evidence in the form of screenshots, these screenshots are genuine and we have neither the knowledge nor need to falsify anything.

    We share screens via Skype with some to show earnings statements in real time. We know it is hard to believe and, of course, we can never say that what we earn from it or others earn from it is typical or normal. Everyone is different and some work harder than others but we all, absolutely have the same opportunity here.

    This requires effort, like anything else in life but, unusually, also offers a tremendous passive opportunity to simply earn from the money you put in as well as the effort you put in. It is a truly first class opportunity regardless of your own personal situation.

    AND there is more to Bitclub than simply Bitcoin. They have also introduced us to other opportunities within the Cryptocurrency world, such as making Ethereum mining possible. The next step is a cryptocurrency trading auto-bot and, after that, COINPAY their own merchant payment platform. It’s all good!

  • q-iconHow Can They Pay Out So Much?

    Well, let’s be clear, most companies allocate huge budgets to customer gathering, sometimes as much as 60% or more of their total income. It is the most important part of any business. Without new customers they can’t normally grow.

    In the case of Bitclub just 40% is allocated, ring-fenced if you like, to cover payments to the network. Instead of spending vast sums on direct advertising (TV, Publications, Google Adwords, Facebook and so on) it is spent on encouraging the existing members with financial incentives to do that customer gathering marketing job for the organisation.

    And when you take away the financial burden of advertising, it is amazing how much you can then allocate to paying the right people to get behind the long-term vision.

    40% is then allocated to the mining operation, and 20% is retained by the company for salaries, programming, web-site development and systems and maintenance, support staff and upgrades etc. The 40% that goes into the compensation plan can be worked out to the penny if you are any good at maths, so you can see how they can pay the sums out that they do. Nothing is hidden with Bitclub Network.

  • q-iconCan I See Direct Proof That This Is Totally Bona Fide. And If So, Where?

    You can hop onto Skype and I’ll show you if you wish. My Skype name is profitmagnets and providing you send a contact message saying you want to talk about Bitclub Network, I will happily engage in conversation with you as soon as I can and even share my PC screen with you if you wish.

    And, of course, anyone can check that Bitclub Network is genuinely mining Bitcoin by going to BLOCKCHAIN.INFO.  BLOCKCHAIN is a public register for all live Bitcoin mining and purchasing transactions.

    I joined in June 2015 and it is still going strong and getting stronger.

  • q-iconI Would Like To Talk It Through With Someone Before I Join. Is That Possible?

    It certainly is and I’ll talk to you for as long as you need me to. You are never under any obligation to do anything else – I just need you to send a Skype message to me – my username there is profitmagnets.

    If you don’t use Skype it will have to be a conversation via email – I can’t abide using the telephone and I only give my telephone number out to existing Bitclub mining pool members.  Otherwise I would never get off the phone! At least talking on Skype allows you to do other things as well while you talk.

  • q-iconI Can’t Recruit For Toffee. I Don't Want To Bring Others In.

    Well, first off, most people who come in just come in for the opportunity to make some money from the investment side of this. Others start out that way but then decide they want to share this with others. We are all different. The only advantage in bringing others in is that you can grow your personal pot of Bitcoin faster.

    We have a very simple, easily duplicable, recruiting (or sponsoring) system which you are now part of and which you can use. When someone wants their questions answered and have enrolled as a free member, I can step in and help unless you are ready to and willing to go it alone. You can simply send them here of course if they questions that this section of my site might answer.

    And you can get ‘spill-over’ too. This is where people I and others bring in for our team can also help to create an income for you, as the “team” drives down through the business. We all help each other and help everyone to build their own team IF they want us to.

    To qualify for that spill-over you need only personally introduce 2 people and I can explain how to do this and where to put them in the business structure.

  • q-iconCan I Just Come In For The Passive Income And Completely Forget About Introducing?

    Absolutely! And what a passive income it could be. And besides, these aren’t decisions that need to be made now. You can approach this opportunity in any way you wish.

    With the introduction of other things over time that Bitclub will introduce, the passive income side of the Bitclub business could be sensational. We anticipate that this will make Bitclub the best passive income opportunity in the world. Right now the key members are working on at least two other projects that will help us to make more.

    And moving a little further ahead, we will be launching COINPAY, our very own Bitcoin payment smart app. Bitclub Network paid members will receive shares in the COINPAY company that could easily grow in value to be worth a lot of money.

  • q-iconIs It Easy To Buy And Sell Bitcoin?

    Yes it is. And, it just gets easier and easier. And I can help you with the where and the how if you need it. You can also just search the web for “where to buy Bitcoin”.

    You can also get Bitcoin debit cards that you can load up with Bitcoin and then easily spend in shops, using it as you would use an ordinary debit card. That’s a really good feature I love about where Bitcoin is now in the market.

  • q-iconI have Seen Or Heard Somewhere About Free Coins That You Can Get As Well?

    Yes, all correct. These are called Club Coin, Bitclub’s own, new Crypto Currency. You used to get them for participating in the growth of the business. Sadly, the Clubcoin giveaway has now ended but new members are getting Coinpay shares instead.

    Coinpay is Bitclub’s new company that, when launched, will offer a smart phone app for Bitcoin payments. Exciting times are ahead as these shares could be worth a fortune as Coinpay grows around the world.


  • q-iconWho Owns The Company?

    Well, the real answer is that we all do.

    It is owned and run as a Co-operative by members, investors, Bitcoin mining experts and computer programmers. There are no expensive offices, as they are not required – most of this operation can be run on PC’s from home offices around the world. When you join, you can link up with the founder members of the group to ask them questions. We are all connected via Facebook and other communication avenues.

    Of course as the Bitclub Network name suggests everyone who joins and buys mining pool shares owns a part of its mining operation and can also share in the profits made from other fantastic income producing ideas they have and will have in the future (such as Bitcoin ATM’s and on-line Bitcoin business to business advice on Bitcoin purchasing integration.

    This club is going to grow at pace and the value of being a member will grow with it. Especially for those who come in early on.

  • q-iconI Have A Large Team That I Work With On Other Projects That I Would Like To Board. However, I Don’t Want To Rock The Boat With The Other Operations.

    That’s fine and we can help. Nobody needs to know who you are unless you want them to – indeed many of our members are and can remain anonymous. We’re not into stroking each other’s egos, etc. We’re in the business of working together to make great incomes and we understand how networking goes and how difficult it can be seen to be promoting another business. So we will help with that in any way we can.

  • q-iconI Am Confused About Just How Much I Can Earn?

    That’s understandable and it is always difficult to quantify as we are all completely different. However, as a businesses goes, I have never seen earnings like this before – ever. That is because we deal in the ultimate product. A product that will never sit on a shelf or pile up in a garage. Our product is money.

    And it isn’t just what you can earn from this business that is amazing, it is the speed at which you get paid. It is literally a business where everybody earns and is getting paid DAILY.

    And if you are wondering what you can earn from just the passive income side alone, well, again, although we can’t put an absolute figure on that it is possible to show you what I am earning from the mining pool shares alone if that helps. We’d have to connect on Skype for that so that I can share my computer screen with you. I can also show you introducer earnings of course if you want to see those.

  • q-iconIs My Money Safe – What If The Company Goes Bust Or Something?

    Well, ultimately, it can’t go bust because we all own it .

    But if this concerns you, then, when you make commissions or mining earnings, we suggest you transfer them into an outside independent online ‘wallet’ but we seriously doubt your account security is an issue. As with all things, if you can make your money totally safe somewhere else, then it is always wise to do so.

    A simple blockchain wallet with two-step authentication will be more than secure enough for most people.

    I transfer my profits and earnings regularly to my external wallets – and that takes seconds to do and I can, of course, also show you how you can easily do this. That is such a big and important thing, right there, you can take income from this daily once it is being generated. In fact, you can take your income the second it appears in your Bitclub Network credit wallet.

  • q-iconIt All Seems Like An Awful Lot Of Effort.

    Well, it might seem like it but it isn’t. In the Internet age, walking to a bank to put money in or take money out seems like a lot of effort. If you have Internet access you don’t even need to leave your house for this one!

    Everything you need to do to join can be explained to you in detail. I can make this is simple as anything can be for you so don’t worry, there is very little effort required.

    Buying Bitcoin to join, as with many things you do for the very first time, can seem complicated. But the first time is always the hardest. After that, everything will seem so simple to you.


  • q-iconCan You Prove That Bitclub Is Actually Mining For Bitcoin?

    Yes of course I can, and so can you.

    See the first question ion the page above.

    That information is publicly available on the ultimate Bitcoin public register at BLOCKCHAIN.INFO

    Bear this in mind; choose any business that you are or have been involved in and see if you can find visibly public information that they are earning from what they say they are earning from.

    This business is unique in that it cannot be “spoofed” they are either mining (and there is a publicly available record of it) or they are not. You can’t simply stick a bunch of numbers on a web site and pretend to be mining.

    If you are ever tempted by a Bitcoin based business that claims to be mining, the first question should be, show me undeniable proof of mining. Bitclub can do that, many others cannot.

    They explain away the lack of evidence as “cloud-mining” or using other people to mine for them. Why would you link yourself to any Bitcoin mining business if they cannot show you, beyond doubt that they do mine Bitcoin?

    Also, ask any existing Bitclub member, ask me, I will show you proof of income and withdrawals if you so wish.

  • q-iconWhere Is BitClub Network Located?

    Well, actually in several places.

    Bitclub operates from all over the world, and this structure is intentional so there is no single point of pressure or failure or singular compliance issue that will hold us back or slow our progress. We have multiple mining connections and a brand new, state of the art, facility in Iceland where the bulk of our mining takes place. From time to time Bitclub even arrange group visits to the complex.

    Our main hosting servers and mining pool servers are located in the Netherlands with redundancies (back-ups) in Hong Kong and Switzerland. Our programmers work remotely, our support staff work from their homes and we do not have a need for a physical central office location.

    If you think about it, how good is that! We can fully operate this company virtually and thanks to BlockChain technology and other decentralized and distributed networks we also don’t need, or want a traditional corporate structure. This limits our overhead and allows us to pass these profits on to members.

  • q-iconWhat Is Your Dropout Rate?

    Zero, nil. Seriously! No-one leaves, why would they.

    After 10 or 11 days or so from registering and purchasing mining shares, the mining share income starts to hit your account. Everyone can then see the reality of daily income. I guess you could always contact the support guys and ask them to stop paying you if you really wanted to leave.

    As we expand into more service areas there will be so many income streams that no-one could ever be unhappy with what they have joined.

    Sure, some will always complain that it isn’t enough, it isn’t fast enough and so on but Bitclub is a long-term business designed to make you financially secure and much better off. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme.

    Far from it, It is a get rich slow but securely scheme where you are given real assets that can be sold for big gains in time. But you can also make a significant daily income by being proactive about what the opportunity offers people.

  • q-iconIs BitClub A Ponzi Scheme?

    I’ve included this question because I used to get asked it a lot.

    Because of the nature of the Internet, someone can always find negative comments about anything if they look and there are people who, over the years and mostly because they don’t understand it have knocked Bitclub. The fact is though that since starting out in 2014 we have simply grown from strength to strength

    So the answer is, sigh… NO! It sure isn’t a ponzi scheme.

    I am going to give a very detailed answer on this because clearly this is a natural concern for some. A ponzi scheme has no product, it’s just a money game set up to pay people with other people’s money and eventually it will crash and burn because there is no real money being earned from any outside sources.

    BitClub Network has a REAL opportunity for anyone to purchase mining equipment and earn profits from what is being mined and from other services being put into place. We strive to be very transparent about our mining and you are able to track everything on the Blockchain and see our Mining pool running live.

    This is what everyone that understands it loves most about the whole Bitcoin thing… You can’t trick or fake it. Everything is recorded in a public ledger for everyone to see.

    It is important to be clear about this so that you can be totally confident about this opportunity. Too many people, driven out of nothing but a simple lack of understanding, often throw phrases around such as ponzi or pyramid with absolutely no idea what these terms actually mean.

    We’ve explained ponzi already and pyramid selling is when, for example, I buy a product and sell it to you for more than I paid and then you sell it to someone else for more than you paid and so on down a recruiting line. Pyramid selling, like a ponzi scheme, is illegal everywhere and I would have no part in it.

    And you now know exactly what these things mean should you come across those expressions again. As I said I like transparency.

    And also, of course, some opportunities simply get labelled by association. What I mean by that is “it looks or feels the same” as some other business that went wrong or someone has joined business B and he used to promote business A and business A went bust. Therefore, by simple association, if this person then joined business B, then business B must also be dodgy.

    That’s how some people think and you will even find so called business review sites spouting that sort of rubbish (normally because contentious things attract crowds and they get paid nice advertising revenues for bringing the crowds to their sites).

    Absolute nonsense of course, and so, let us be totally clear about this business. Bitclub Network is a 100% genuine, totally transparent business that is not only possibly the very best opportunity you may ever see, but also a business that is absolutely right for today. We’re all beginning to learn that banking institutions and traditional currency aren’t always as safe as we’d like to think…

    Check the banking and financial industry out and you are sure to find some ponzi schemes there.

  • q-iconI Am Still Unsure

    If that is the case, you simply shouldn’t join us! We are recruiting worldwide and we do not need to put anyone under any pressure to join so don’t worry. There are some people who avoid anything new and different out of simple fear. I’m sure you aren’t one of those but be careful about fear.

    When fear stops you doing anything at all, then you have to accept that you have gone as far as your potential is ever going to allow you to go.

    If you are too concerned about making the wrong decision to ever really make any decision that helps your future and you really can’t help it, I can help you with that, seriously, I can, I have even written books on the subject. So get in touch, tell me about your fear and let’s see where it goes..

    So I do understand if you don’t want to join us and whilst you will, of course, be missed, we need to spend our time working with those that see the bigger picture. There will be many people reading this at the same time as you that will join instantly because they just see it straight away.

    I don’t actually know whether or not this will be the best thing for you, but what I do know is that Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies are here to stay, just like mobile phones are here to stay, Facebook (dammit) is here to stay, the Internet is here to stay….

You can join Bitclub for free so that you can take a look around inside. To become a lifetime member, you need pay only $99 (in Bitcoin - all payments into and out Bitclub are in Bitcoin). To discuss the best entry level for you - speak to me, email me now on

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