ClubCoin Value – New Allocations From 1st February 2016

So, it’s all changing on 1st February.

Right now, when you join Bitclub Network, you literally get one ClubCoin given to you for every US Dollar (equivalent) you spend on getting into and buying shares in Bitclub Network. Equivalent because all money paid into Bitclub Network is paid in Bitcoin (as is all money paid out). So, that means you get clubcoin as per the following breakdown:

Membership  @ $99 earns you 99 ClubCoins.

Mining Pool 1 purchase @ $500 earns you 500 ClubCoins.

Mining Pool 2 purchase @ $1,000 earns you 1000 ClubCoins.

Mining Pool 3 purchase @ $2,000 earns you 2000 ClubCoins.

And if you go for the big banana and come in as a founder with all 3 mining pool shares @ $3,500 that earns you 3500 ClubCoins PLUS a bonus of 1500 ClubCoins.

You can actually earn another 5 ClubCoin simply by verifying your email address.

ClubCoin Value












So what? I heard somebody say.

Well, ClubCoin right now is worth around 20 cents (go see for yourself on the Bittrex market) so, effectively, you get 20 cents of real money back for every $1 you spend. Or, if you prefer, $200 back for every $1,000 spent. This is given for free! So you make back 20% of your investment pretty much day 1 if you instantly sell your ClubCoin but, seriously, you don’t want to do that because ClubCoin itself could grow to be worth $1 a piece or even $2 a piece in time.

Now after 1st February that all changes.

And you will receive 1 ClubCoin for every 5 US Dollars spent in Bitclub Network. You don’t have to be a genius to quickly see that you are 5 times better off (in ClubCoin terms) by joining before February 1st 2016. The founder bonus is reducing as well to, I believe, 1000 ClubCoin.

Looking further ahead, the position is going to change month by month.

At the moment the plan is to change it monthly according to this:

From 1st march 2016 – 1 ClubCoin for each $6 spent.

From 1st April 2016 – 1 ClubCoin for each $7 spent.

From 1st May 2016 – 1 CLubCoin for each $8 spent

and so on (you get the picture).

And there will be a progressive drop also in the founder bonus.

Seriously, you should get in now. I believe that it (ClubCoin) has got to at least hit $1 value per coin and at that level, if you sell, your investment into Bitclub has cost ZERO, NOTHING NADA and even less than ZERO if you joined as a founder. Imagine that, being paid to join a programme that could make you $1,000’s in the future. That’s simply crazy right! But it is an absolute fact. It could well be exactly what is going to happen.

Wow, I’m so pleased I joined already!



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