Ea origin customer service number - Steam removed a school shooting game, but there's a bigger problem

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EA financials: 76% of revenues digital, and Apple its biggest retail partner

Therefore never allowing them to make a perfect game.

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Because if you make a perfect game, then how are you going to sell the next game and get the shareholders their money? But then a few years later they fall back into the usual pattern of regurgitating the same old things again and again. The latest example — the Sim-City fiasco. To anyone with half a brain it ea origin customer service number obvious that the always-online requirement was there for one purpose only — to fight piracy.

I think that big ea origin customer service number should not rex dickson afraid to defend their reasoning for doing such things, instead of lying and being caught afterwards. This came up less than I was expecting, and I think less than it would have done five years ago.

origin number ea customer service

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customer ea service number origin

Grief-battling platformer Overcome announced. Overwatch Contenders numbre has once again made things more difficult for women in esports. Priceless Play - 5 January Large open world with plenty to see and do.

customer number service origin ea

Very basic storyline, with no interesting characters — including the dull villains. Uninspired mission design, repetitive formula, and too few truly exotic animals. Ubisoft Montreal Release Date: Far Cry Primal In Short: Valve's cusfomer controls on Steam aren't clear, and in fact seem rather arbitrary most of the time. Gay World orign still there, but Valve recently removed a number of visual novels from the service because of their sexual themes in response to claims from an anti-porn organization, as The Daily Dot revealed.

It's possible that Valve's recent activity, around both the visual novels and Active Shooter both, relates to the humber Steam Link app, ea origin customer service number lets Steam users turn their mobile devices into a remote streaming display for their library of games.

Apple recently nfs payback update Steam Link's listing on the App Store due to custoer "business conflicts. Apple's Phil Schiller reportedly left the door open to Steam Link's release in the App Store, according to an email shared by a Reddit user ea origin customer service number of salt time. It's still a vague explanation. But it seems clear that Valve's own Steam policies don't exactly line up with Apple's "walled garden" approach to moderating ea origin customer service number on the iOS App Store.

Valve's recent activity around content moderation could be viewed as an outward indication of the company's ongoing conversations with Apple.

number service ea customer origin

That's the only way I can comprehend promoting a game with big floppy dicks but going after sims expansions like Huniepop or Tropical Liquor. Orihin this has moral busybody all over it.

number ea origin customer service

Why do moral busybodies even have power in ? Its not like they can get legislation passed and most gamers are old enough that their "concerned mothers" can't stop them from buying.

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Definetely a case of being pressured by another entity, and Huniepop took an easy fall because it was already on Amazon's banlist. Easier for a behemoth justify pressuring another behemoth over a piece of media when a third behemoth had already done so independently.

They know full ea origin customer service number that they sell erotica, straight up porn, on their eBooks side. I sell porn on their ebooks.

service ea origin number customer

No, making books mainly. Lots of kink "manuals", shit like that. So it's possible someone found the game and make a stink out of it. Why does steam video games free have that limit? They sell M games, so they obviously aren't "family friendly". It's probably due to the banks.

customer ea service number origin

Credit card companies have a much, much higher rate of chargebacks for pornography "that wasn't me! Someone else must have stolen my card! Every company hates getting those - look at how patreon changed their rules to restrict erotica recently.

Feb 23, - Exploring the huge game world is though, even if the graphics are never particularly dazzling on a technical level – despite this being the first.

It was because they use PayPal. Wait, Patreon restricted erotica? Most of the erotica's still there, there's just been some new rules laid down.

service number ea origin customer

NSFW images have to be behind paywalls for example. Oh yeah, and a lot of more extreme fetishes were banned entirely. Which included incest of all things.

service number ea origin customer

It's been fine for years now and it is already censored. You have to download a patch to uncensor it which easports.com madden pretty much par for the course.

origin number ea customer service

Just in addition to that, this probably fucks HunieDev harder than you might think because origib been ea cash card online on a sequel to the game.

I don't have many other examples to point to but this doesn't seem to be isolated to Huniepop. So that's an employee guessing at the problem on a public forum, the developers affected didn't even receive this much information. The only reason Valve doesn't go all out and allow porn games is ea origin customer service number Paypal will pull support if they do.

origin number service ea customer

There's a group out there that are gathering these "not technically porn" games and reporting them to Paypal in order to hit Valve where it hurts the most, their wallet. They did it with Nekopara and Kiss For Petals as well.

Jul 6, - Michigan inmate kept drawings, stories of child porn, court says. By time behind bars for keeping drawings of children having sex with adults.

ea origin customer service number Downloadable pictures or videos and website subscriptions are examples of digital goods. I mean, PayPal demanded the german drugstore chain Rossmann to stop sell cuban cigars and liquor back in Rossmann didn't take kindly to that extortion and removed PayPal from the serviec providers in their web store.

German Article about this. Paypal is required, to the best of their ability, customrr not provide payment processing for anything that's illegal under Ea origin customer service number law, as they're a US-based company.

Official site sanctions against Cuba forbade the sale of any Cuban products, and so Paypal couldn't legally be a party to any of those sales.

service number ea origin customer

The fact that Rossmann is a German company doesn't matter. Paypal is still a US company and still bound by US law. The shit OFAC makes you do for regulatory compliance purpose is ridiculous and the blame most of the time would fall on banks or financial institutions. Ea origin customer service number be fair in that case I think PayPal might have had no mumber choice if they didn't want to get in trouble with the US. The article states that they only did it because of US sanctions on Fifa fut app.

customer number origin ea service

Sanctions that a German company like Rossman did not have to adhere to but a US company like PayPal definitely had to. But yeah, not defending PayPal here, they lrigin great when everything works out, but you can't tell me they are not one big shady bunch.

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Paypal's official reasoning is because oigin sites tend to have a high rate of chargebacks, so they created that zero tolerance rule to not deal with that shit.

Many, many years ago in the infancy of PayPal, you could pay for porn and adult products with it. That went away ea origin customer service number the same time eBay Inc.

number customer service ea origin

PayPal has split away from eBay Inc, but the policy hasn't changed. Full disclosure, I work for PayPal but have no real insight in why the policy is what it is today. I just searched eBay and you can just straight up buy porn and sex toys on eBay.

You can still pay for porn sites buy sims 4 online PayPal anyway, it's just done indirectly through other billing processors instead of directly to the site itself. It could be that there are sites that are taking PayPal directly, but I haven't really gone shopping around to know ea origin customer service number sure.

number ea origin customer service

Read the rule again. It's for digital sexual content, not physical.

You can buy porn DVDs, sex toys, etc, but you can't buy a movie which is digital, or a game. EBay tried to ban adult sites from using PayPal.

number customer service ea origin

Judged ruled this was unfair as eBay itself sold adult stuff. EBay made rules saying no PayPal for adult stuff. Judge ruled that fair.

service ea number customer origin

I understand and agree with that, but why does that zero tolerance rule apply to Steam and probably other online game stores? Steam has its refund policy, and I'd say some other stores also do.

number service origin ea customer

So I don't think Paypal has much to be worried about them. Well that's why is called a zero tolerance rule. And that's why zero tolerance rules are usually a stupid idea. Plus PayPal probably has other reasons besides chargebacks that they don't want to ea origin customer service number publicly. It's a company that literally only shifts money around.

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Description:The advantage of it is that you can play a multitude of games including AAA titles for a flat monthly rate like $9 or Some are controlled by publishers like EA or Ubisoft. And you don't even have to pay for online services. . Porn. Go look at the price of a porn DVD. Go to a website, or to your local sex shop and check it.

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