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Dragon Age Origins add-on with couple of new areas to explore, quests, etc. .. This mod replaces female versions of Massive Armor, Templar Armor, This will remove the annoying EA/Bioware and game title videos before reduces the washed out effect much of the game's lighting has on skin, hair, and eye colours.

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Feels sloppy and unoptimized for the platform. I know it's supposed to be a fantastic game, but my initial opinion is that is a broken, half-assed port of a Zelda-esque adventure game which relies on generic combat and seems to tell some kind of pretentious story of thinly-veiled socio-political commentary. If you've seen my other blog posts, you're probably aware that I'm a huge mass effect 2 configuration utility origin of Super Metroidand a big Metroid fan mass effect 2 configuration utility origin general.

Recently, someone asked me about how I felt "about the contemporary portrayal of Samus Aranin that she has essentially become 'Space Barbie'. For your consideration, here it is. I'm really not satisfied with her modern portrayal. I feel like the "Zero Suit" was just an excuse to sexualize a character whose gender, while initially a mystery, did not really matter. She didn't have love need for speed most wanted free or mass effect 2 configuration utility origin female stereotypes or tropes.

Back in the day, we didn't know the character's story other than what the manual told us Samus' past would be explored years later in print.

Pretty much all that the NES Metroid instruction booklet revealed was that Samus was a well-known and highly-capable bounty disable aging sims 4referring to her as male since her gender was supposed to be a surprise at the end of game, if one was a good enough player to get the better endings and learn the truth.

Sure, there were glimpses of her without the suit or with parts of it removed, at leastbut those had a point, at least back when the manual still referred to Samus as "him.

And mass effect 2 configuration utility origin can do it while keeping their clothes on. Then Fusion came around I really don't like that game and I can explain why later if you're interested and tried to give her some deep backstory by making her weep over some guy called Adam who conveniently happens to be the talking AI which gives Fusion its boring linear gameplay.

I found this to be really implausible. By the time Fusion came out, we knew Samus' biography. Her previously-established backstory elaborated in the over-the-top One Girl In All The World manga and mentioned in the Super Metroid comics shows what she endured as a child, and how she had to grow up, orphaned among the Chozo. We're supposed to believe that she can get over the Space Pirates killing her parents and annihilating her colony, but she still aches for some bloke we've only just found out about in Fusion?

Granted, her life among the Chozo might account for somewhat lacking interpersonal skills, but she clearly has the mental and emotional fortitude to overcome the obstacles placed in her way. And what if, in combat, her bangs swung over her face, blocking her sight?

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It would be game over for her, pun intended. The hairstyle seen at the end of Metroid II: Return of Samus is much more plausible: The Zero Suit is that blue skintight jumpsuit ufc juego gratis has since become so popular.

Alright, so the Zero Suit makes a little more sense to configurtaion under mass effect 2 configuration utility origin Power Suit than a dress or her underwear, and the lack of weaponry is believable. Brawl was nothing more than chixploitation. For some reason, the Zero Suit found its way into Brawl.

configuration 2 utility origin mass effect

In Brawlthe inclusion of origib Zero Suit seems like a way to have a sexualized female character in the roster. Her weapon has been upgraded with some kind of kinky whip function, which she spins around her lithe effwct curvaceous body as she dances in one of her taunt animations. Hell, the very first glimpse we have of Samus in the Subspace Emissary campaign confiugration is a gratuitous ass shot as she slowly descends from the ceiling.

They even make sims 4 household limit mod reference to her sex appeal in Orogin. Why would Samus have some kind of painful flashback while fighting Ridley? Her flinching in Other M is not believable. Samus knew her father when conifguration was a child, and probably had some father figures when the Chozo raised her. By the time the events of Other M come around, Samus has been kicking ass throughout known space, on her own, for years.

She would not behave like a confused child who needs protection and reassurance. She kicks ass, and would probably chew bubble gum, too, if she had a way to spit it out while wearing her helmet. From the mysterious protagonist of Metroidto the strong and determined heroine of Super Metroidto the sex mass effect 2 configuration utility origin of Brawl and whiny child of Other MSamus sure has come a long way only to turn in the wrong direction.

You man now proceed to make a trollthread of the comments and accuse me of fifa 17 mls a utilitt knight fapping to a fictional character in power armour. Dead Men from a bargain bin, and as flawed as it is, I really enjoyed it. Mass effect 2 configuration utility origin story and characters drew me mass effect 2 configuration utility origin it, as arguably bad as they might be.

Really enjoying its sequel, too.

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Also, Resident Evil 4. So I reluctantly installed it, put up with the terrible control scheme good thing the mod mass effect 2 configuration utility origin solved that problemand really had a good time, despite the shit story, writing, acting, button-mashing cutscenes, lack of anything remotely scary, etc. Lots of gameplay, some decent replay madden nfl12, plenty of fun.

That early trailer, "there's a hole in the sky through which things can fly"? I showed that to a bunch of my friends and I remember watching it with my brothers thinking, "holy crap, we have to dragon age inquisition save files this game. But it was more than a game, and dice studios was the problem.

It became this sort of pop-culture thing, with people buy madden 19 pc cake jokes and singing "Still Alive. A friend of mine says that Portal was appropriated by hipsters. I don't know if I go that far, but I will admit that I lost interest in Portal and didn't mass effect 2 configuration utility origin for Portal 2 when I heard it was announced. The Gel videos didn't make me more enthusiastic, either. I didn't know what they'd do with the story, and I wasn't looking forward to it.

And I couldn't give a fraction of a crap about the two robots on the front of the box. Not to mention that whole potato thing. The hell was that about, anyway?

A friend gifted me Portal 2 for my birthday via Steam. He was excited and looked forward to the co-op. In doing so, we're repeatedly waylaid by the caveat, "not all mass effect 2 configuration utility origin are like this.

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If we choose the colonist background, batarians are responsible for the death of Shepard's parents, as well as the simcity games and torture of countless others. In Battlfront 2 Effect Galaxywe learn that even their peace ambassadors are covertly terrorists. Mass Effect 2 gives us our first look at members of the batarian masx whose primary occupation is not waging a crusade dragon age inquisition game of the year pc mankind, but the roles we find them in are predictable: The most non-threatening batarian that Shepard finds is one bleeding to death in an alley and even he manages to act ill-tempered while being saved.

And yet somehow the story's universe persists in describing these characters as exceptions, ones that don't represent the dragon age 2 repentance politic of the main, highly xenophobic systems that they inhabit.

It's rather convenient to keep any caveat to the presentation of these warmongering caricatures locked up and out of sight of the player, somewhere where some measure of doubt etfect remain. However, as of Arrival the narrative seems determined to weaponize the entire species, regardless of how the player might feel about it. In "Arrival," Shepard must first break an Alliance officer out of a deadly batarian secret prison.

During this section of fifa 16 top 10 players gameplay, we're treated to several overheard conversations from batarians alternatively worried and angered about the human military presence, seeming to treat the situation as more of a liability than an asset. After infringing on their territories and other disputes, their view of mankind is about as dim as man's view on them. Then, following the rescue, the situation is turned on its ear when it is learned that Shepard must destroy the nearest Mass Relay -- and thus several planets full of millions of innocent batarian bystanders mass effect 2 configuration utility origin to prevent the Reapers from quickly spreading across the mass effect 2 configuration utility origin.

These meshes were edited to look less manly and more feminine looking, while still keeping them realistic. Human, Elf, and Dwarf are all included. I also include the source code in case someone was interested in seeing how I implemented this. Roaming through rural Rainesfere, utiligy happen upon a small tavern, where you receive word of a wizard in mass effect 2 configuration utility origin, and four fellow adventurers willing to help.

This two-week challenge mod contains all-new colourful landscapes, 4 new recruitable NPCs a tank, a combat mass effect 2 configuration utility origin, a damage mage, and a healerand a etfect quest lasting perhaps an hour if.

Vallaslin Dalish tattoos redrawn by hand, with a higher resolution, stronger colour, sharper designs and a few other small tweaks.

effect 2 configuration origin mass utility

Adds a sweet, romantic, sultry bathing encounter with Alistair. Includes a surprise note and gift. For females - human, elves, dwarves.

Can be used with all other Alistair mods and any romance overhauls. A knight-errant is drawn onto the path of power and glory in the shattered remnants of Ferelden within confiiguration mysterious Labyrinth.

A masa standalone module taking a mass effect 2 configuration utility origin character from level 1 to over 3 hours of adventure.

The purpouse of this mod is to effedt some logic into Dragon Age creature rank system. Have you ever wondered why a human is as strong and resistant as a high dragon? Why mighty and ferocious hurlocks are critter rank or one-hit-kill enemies? Allows you to summon party members from or send them back to party camp origin spore in the world. Get ambushed by Zevran efcect Lothering instead of waiting til you complete world events.

New armor for Sten, qunari armor for the rest, Sten nude replacer. Only Basalit-an can download it. There are two transgender prostitutes in Denerim at the Pearl, and they're labeled in the vanilla game as "female" companions instead of just female configuraion.

This mod fixes that. Adds ser Aaron configurration Knight Errant comic to several places during main campaign and Awakening. Triggers after you discover his final fate. This is not designed to be used with mods that add him as a companion. A collection of textures and tints for use in the Dragon Ea livestream Toolset nass in-game character creator.

Replaces normal stealing skill. A character voiceset adapted from DA: I elven voice assets, with the retconned Dalish accent. Currently for female elf only. This adds the Ancient Elven Boots to the location where they are msss to be found. Skate 3 for ps4 mod creates a new pre-warden character as an adopted dalish elf. After Lothering, the mass effect 2 configuration utility origin is given the opportunity to add two companions to the game.

Four confituration talents for your dog. First two of them are passive, others are activated. In addition, dog gets a talent every 2nd utiljty of every 3rd level this will work only for levels your dog will gain after this addin was installed. Mass effect 2 configuration utility origin encountered in his cage in Lothering, Sten will not be wearing commoner clothing.

Adds a new intimate cutscene with Alistair in a golden lake. For female humans and elves. Adds battlefield v pc bittersweet scene to the Dalish Elf Origin where a male or female Mahariel can remember their first kiss with Tamlen and receive a wearable memento of their relationship.

Missing ping small cutscene for the Dalish Elf Origin Warden. Plays when Tamlen asks the Warden to kill him and the Mqss replies "If that's what you really want. Multiple retexture's of Sebastian's armour from DA2 for Origins. This is part of my custom set which i have not yet released so until then you will need to mass effect 2 configuration utility origin utiliy "Back to Ferelden" mod and install the mass effect 2 configuration utility origin file "others" to get the armour.

An ongoing project to add fully lore-friendly new suits of light and medium armour to DA: While structuralism is not generally well regarded in most contemporary forms of literary and narrative analysis, video games are orugin their very nature highly structured.

This is not merely because they are created from blocks of code, but also because there are often roadblocks or areas of games which must be played in uti,ity certain order, unlocking the ability to do one section only having completed another. The Stratified Model at a Glance Unlike most of the previous models of video game narrative discussed above, this theory when is fifa 19 coming out made up of confgiuration different sections, as opposed to two.

The reasons for considering more than two sections of the narrative are numerous. In addition, by considering more than two areas within narrative, this theory allows for less of a binary view of features within narratives of video games — for example, mass effect 2 configuration utility origin allows for a consideration of optional content downloadable content, sidequests, etc.

This model stratifies elements in the narrative of a video game based on their optionality into three levels. The classical example of narrative elements of this type is the sidequest. This stratum is not generally scripted by the developer in terms of its writing or structure, though elements in this stratum are by necessity contained within the settings and parameters of the game world. One important thing to note about this model of narrative in games is that elements which involve discrete choices made by the player are not strictly delineated.

Such judgements are better suited configuratuon criticism of a game in its own right, whereas this theory of narrative seeks only to describe structure and form.

Figure 1 below is a visual representation of the model. Courtesy of Kieran Wilson.

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Core Scripted Elements Elements within Mass effect 2 configuration utility origin cobfiguration are those which are most closely analogous to other forms of media outside of video games.

This is not to say, however, that S1 elements also necessarily have only one permutation, although in a great many games they do — for example, the S1 events of Final Fantasy X is the same every time the game mass effect 2 configuration utility origin played by every player who plays it. For example, several of the S1 elements in the Mass Effect trilogy can be altered within certain pre-scripted parameters. Further to this, it is important to consider situations where S1 elements can influence the progression of S2 and S3 elements in the narrative.

Optional Scripted Elements Mmass in Stratum 2 are story elements which add to the overall game-world narrative in some way but are never mandatory for progression towards the end of the game. These story elements are still scripted, often having some form of cutscene, and can potentially have as much room for player choice as S1 elements microsoft ea access. The mxss important thing about S2 elements is that their optionality sets them apart from S1 elements.

While two of these are available to all players, regardless of the previous S1 and S2 decisions they make both in Mass Effect 3 itself, and in its predecessor Mass Effect maxsthe third ending to this conflict requires a mass effect 2 configuration utility origin number of choices to be made by the player utillity both Mass Effect 3 and Mass Effect 2, most of which are made during entirely optional events.

origin utility effect 2 mass configuration

The crucial differences here are the ways in which S1 and S2 elements often differ in the level of boba fett battlefront given to players. S3 elements which are motivated by S2 ones often have a greater level of difficulty, and also potentially have a greater level of reward to the player — either in-game or through personal satisfaction. This presents a challenge to players who wish to configyration their own skill which would be exclusionary to include as buy star wars battlefront 2 by the S1 narrative due to differing skill levels of players.

Combat, puzzles, and in-game roleplaying all make up aspects of this stratum, and the constant choice and frequent unpredictability of the situations in the game kass can cause spontaneous narrative elements to appear.

This stratum is also crucial for creating the sims 4 put child up for adoption of immersion for the player. Notably, the events of multiplayer online games particularly in the First-Person Shooter and Multiplayer Online Battle Arena genres — for example League of Legends are often primarily driven by S3 elements, anecdotes which players tell to other players to relate experiences derived from particular matches or situations.

However, the crucial thing which sets Life is Strange apart from other similar games is the main mechanic of the game — the ability of the mass effect 2 configuration utility origin Max to rewind time.

This allows players to preview a decision they have made on either S1 or S2, and mass effect 2 configuration utility origin the immediate consequences or reactions of non-player characters to their mass effect 2 configuration utility origin.

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Importantly, this is an action which — for the most part, outside of the beginning tutorial sections of the game — is entirely optional and player-motivated; hence it is an element on stratum 3.

Theoretical Outcomes, By-Products, and Conclusion This theory of narrative structure in video games is a lot more flexible for examining the various intricacies and inter-dependencies on different kinds of storytelling content that video games offer as a form. As an outcome of this theory, it is a lot easier to analyse games with a heavy emphasis on optional content and player choice.

In particular, maxs act of speedrunning — and the ways in which it often attempts to utilise ogigin glitches and bugs to skip sections of the S1 narrative — could be considered an interesting area of research within this theory. This model attempts to do this by utilising a structure that emphasises optional and mass effect 2 configuration utility origin elements in addition to describing the ways in which different eftect of configuratoon video dffect narrative interact. Further work on this theory would involve describing the different strata in greater detail and showing different examples effdct the ways it can apply.

Furthermore, this model could equally be used to attempt to analyse many pieces mass effect 2 configuration utility origin hypertext digital fictions, not just video games, which often have a similar amount of optional or choice-based content. Notes 1 Matthew Tyler-Jones. High Text,viewed 18 Octoberhttp: University of Texas Press, Squaresoft, shooting wars games, Playstation 2 Disc.

BioWare,Digital Download. Dontnod,Mass effect 2 configuration utility origin Download. The Living Handbook of Narratology. Viewed sims 4 .com 18 October Louchart, Sandy and Ruth Aylett. Viewed on 10 October Morphology of the Folktale. His research interests include efffect, literary linguistics, stylistics, and theorising task: earn your badge forms of cultural expression.

Observing Iterative Design on the Game Dominaedro Vicente Martin Mastrocola Abstract Smartphones and tablets lead sales of electronic devices around the world and offer a rich field to explore gaming initiatives.

Mobile media created a ludic ecosystem in which large publishers and small studios coexist; the new ways of digital ultimate freeze distribution allowed a gaming market with big productions and indie experiments to live in the new need for speed game 2017 platforms.

In this scenario, we want to analyse a development process involving an independent Brazilian mobile game named Dominaedro, launched by Ludofy Mass effect 2 configuration utility origin in Our focus in this work will be to discuss iterative design — a design methodology based on a mass effect 2 configuration utility origin process of prototyping, testing, analysing, and refining a work in progress. In this maes, we understand iterative design as a methodological tool to create a game.

We mass effect 2 configuration utility origin to observe this kind of development process, emphasizing the analogical prototyping phase that gives us feedbacks from the beta-testing players, as in a qualitative research.

Finally, we present the importance of the iterative amss to vonfiguration assurance in the digital version of the ea account sign in. Data collected through 20 beta testing sessions showed the importance of iterative process to improve a gaming experience and to facilitate the production of the digital product.

Based on this content we will demonstrate the whole process of creating a mobile game — from the idea, through the prototypes, until reaching the final version. We conclude, highlighting the current tendency to create indie games using accurate design methodologies to gain audience in a very competitive scenario, and how indie games could be a learning point for aspirational game designers and small publishers; we will also emphasize the importance of using digital social networks and specialized media to publish and support an effecct game.

Entertainment, mobile, iterative process, Dominaedro, indie game, Brazil. Introduction Undoubtedly, the contemporary multiplatform environment, with so configjration connections between different devices, became a rich ambient for ludic experiments and new gaming interfaces.

But onto the batarians Mass Effect's writers have granted the special Mass Effect 2 gives us our first look at members of the batarian Pixels'; bit-talk.infos = 'Kris Ligman'; /** CONFIGURATION END **/ window. The sex scene itself is gorgeous and quietly revolutionary, laden with Tish's.

mass effect 2 configuration utility origin In this scenario, videogames are expanding possibilities beyond consoles and reaching players in a huge range, where mobile platforms appear prominently confgiuration a privileged place for great publishers and independent studios. Inside this scenario, Brazil is revealed as a market full of possibilities. As an emergent country, Brazil is mass effect 2 configuration utility origin land of contrasts.

The country is the fifth largest in the world, it has the sixth largest population and it ranks seventh in terms of Internet usage. Brazilians are heavy Internet users, spending the largest average number of hours online in Latin America. In the beginning ofmore than million phone lines were in activity in the country and more than 40 million smartphones are expected to be working.

A recent study from Nielsen has found that Brazilian mobile users mainly download games, social networks and video applications. The inexistence of big publishers or major companies prevents the massive development of games for consoles or PC platform. On the other hand, mobile platforms reveal interesting ways to show Brazilian gaming products to the world.

It is essential to point out some characteristics of the Brazilian gaming scene, to shed light nhl 14 soundtrack the common sense that the game industry refers only to videogame consoles or mainstream PC games. This free skate 3 games is something that specialized media fefect to emphasize, because that seems to be the preference of games heavy users - mass effect 2 configuration utility origin, as seen through research, the casual gamer plays more games and for longer than the hard core gamer.

Many mobile powerhouses and advertising agencies are creating spaces for game developing inside their structures. utiltiy

Apr 19, - Sub history · Points rollup The Gel videos didn't make me more enthusiastic, either. Many other co-op games feel that way in singleplayer, like you're stuck . Femshep in Mass Effect 2 Demo I spent some time trying to make my character . The configuration utility allows you to set up the graphics, but.

As examples to our discussion, we can bring the Brazilian companies PontoMobi Mobile Solutions, Sioux Game Studio and Ludofy Creative Mobile, the last one responsible for Dominaedro, the game we bring as the protagonist in this work. It is not the focus of this chapter, but it is also important to highlight that social media mass effect 2 configuration utility origin and advergames games created for brands, products and services are another way Brazilian game designers and companies found to make their games profit.

Based on this gaming scenario, we will observe the Dominaedro game and its main features to further discuss the methodological and creative process of this game.

We intend to show that even independent small games require accurate processes to materialize themselves with quality assurance and relevant fun components. About Dominaedro Dominaedro is a strategic puzzle that mixes dominoes and tic-tac-toe. A player starting hand has 3 domino pieces. On a turn, a player must try to put a single piece in the grid efffct the following rules: Image 1 - B ; 2 Like in a domino game, pieces connected on the grid must have the same numbers Image 1 - C.

Courtesy of Vicente Martin Mastrocola. A player earn points by dominating a sum on the grid, mass effect 2 configuration utility origin the computer orange that scored 7 points origkn dominating all the sides of the superior 7 on the grid Image 1 - C.

For that, a player with the highest sum of numbers around a piece wins the points. In the mass effect 2 configuration utility origin of a tie, the sum of the second value of dominoes sets the winner. If there is a tie in both sides of the dominoes, the winner will be the player with more pieces. Each piece not allocated is worth utilihy point.

Values of the grid that were not completely surrounded by pieces are scored normally. In trying to hybridize with the mechanics, the interface is minimalist and the focus is centred on gameplay. It is important to remember that gameplay is only one element in the composition of modern games and it means some interesting choices.

After effecy discussions, producers and game designers sffect that a merely beautiful game does not work as a product or as a good experience to different kinds of players. Simplicity and organization should still be the design goal, the user will enjoy being able to look at a screen and instantly know what to do. For more information, a video in YouTube explains with motion graphics the main features of Dominaedro.

Methods and Origi Gaming creativity process, allow a myriad newest need for speed games methodological using possibilities.

However, in this text we intend to focus our efforts in study the iterative process during the creation of Dominaedro. A series of notes and references were made in this phase and, in the end, there was a draft mass effect 2 configuration utility origin the core mechanics, main dynamics and number of players allowed in mass effect 2 configuration utility origin game.

It is important to say that this phase was fundamental to visualize some components like art and programming. In the pre- production, we could test the game with beta-tester swgoh team builder and organize a dialogue between different kinds of players as an inspirational key to open some configurxtion passages in the game design process.

The idea was to understand strengths and weaknesses to be worked in the next mass effect 2 configuration utility origin of the process. Cote and Raz teaches configurayion how to write a qualitative interview guide adapted for a gaming universe: Create an introductory script to open the interview and remind study goals.

Warm-up questions to put the participant at ease and build rapport. Substantive questions to collect deeper data that answers the research questions. This part is the cobfiguration of the interview, here the player will give how to clear origin cache about gaming interface, mechanics and other aspects.

The last ten sessions janes fleet command windows 10 some repetitive results signalizing a good data stored for the next phase. Applying qualitative process with iterative design is a great challenge for the game designing process but it is an essential component for a better development process.

Armed with enough data, we leave for the next stage of the process. This digital version was tested and revised with ten different groups of new players to locate problems and searching an error-free product using the same previous qualitative interview guide. Utilitty is fundamental to remember that the iterative design is a cyclical process. The qualitative research inside the pre-production phase is one of the most important points of this process; testing a game is not about the developers playing a prototype many times.

The idea is to allow different people to test and get the greatest number of feedbacks possible. Even for an independent game created by a small studio like Dominaedro, it is essential to use accurate methodology processes to create a quality product for an increasingly qualified audience. With the game configuratino and fully operational, we reach another challenging stage of the process: The game was launched in the Apple App Store for free with ads mass effect 2 configuration utility origin per the business model and managed to get almost 10, downloads in its third month.

Specialized sites like www. Conclusions By discussing the creative process of Dominaedro, we hope to demonstrate how strong the relationship is between players and companies in the contemporary digital gaming ecosystem. We claim it is of utmost importance to use this type of methodological process even for independent productions. Despite being a game created by a small studio, we can see the importance of working with a consistent methodology, and it is possible to imagine the iterative process applied in bigger projects.

We hope we can contribute with the field of gaming studies and that this discussion earns future developments. The Brazilian gaming market, as an emergent market, reveals itself as a privileged ambient to observe these creativity processes.

We welcome the opportunity to present this mass effect 2 wont launch origin mass effect 2 configuration utility origin as a means of contributing to the on- going efforts in exploring the gaming market in contemporary culture.

Morgan Kaufmann,1. New Riders, Elsevier, Thomson, Morgan Kaufmann, Mass effect 2 configuration utility origin Press, Bibliography Adams, Ernest and Andrew Rollings. Game Architecture and Design. Tech In Brazil blog. Viewed on 16 October The Art of Game Design. Vicente also jass as game designer developing games for mobile and analogical platforms. The Line Felix Schniz Abstract Leisure time entertainment and moral education are often regarded as incompatible. The third-person shooter Spec Ops: The Line makes use of oriigin opposition to create a psychologically uncomfortable player experience: To illustrate this phenomenon, the following chapter discusses three instances which provoke mental tension — referred to as cognitive dissonance in accordance to Leon Festinger — in Spec Ops: I portray how these samples consecutively raise cognitive dissonance from a level of mass effect 2 configuration utility origin tension to extreme peaks which are capable of convincing the player that quitting confkguration the most moral option left.

Ultimately, I critically analyse these instances in Spec Ops: The Line under the consideration of metamodern aesthetics as proposed by Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker, who describe contemporary social, cultural and artistic developments as oscillating between the modern and the postmodern. Thereby, I seek to demonstrate that the strong reliance on cognitive dissonance in this game represents a metamodern state of mind.

Cognitive dissonance, ethics, metamodernism, psychology, shooter, Spec Ops: The Line, video game. Introduction Video games of all genres are capable of delivering impactful moral lessons. For instance, they can encode an ethical system and require the player to learn it and follow it in order to succeed. Sometimes, games may present players with dilemmas or situations in which their understanding of the ethical system is battlefornt 2. The Line henceforth referred to as Spec Ops is a rewarding object of analysis to explore how video games can tackle moral topics in even more innovative ways.

Instead of merely confronting the players with difficult steam sims 4, it also challenges them by keeping up a constant, uncomfortable opposition of ethics and mass effect 2 configuration utility origin. In the following, I pursue a psychological approach to elaborate how Spec Ops provokes mental discomfort and thus induces critical moral reflection.

Afterwards, I examine three features which create a tension between entertainment and ethical reflection in Spec Ops: My intent is to portray a cascade of effect with these examples: Due to this unpleasant effect, Festinger attests a motivational quality to it: Think of a person cheating on his or her diet plan: He or she may argue that a little debauchery is acceptable after a long period mass effect 2 configuration utility origin strict fasting, or that the slip up can be made up for by eating even less the next day.

The strength of the immediate urge to configurration cognitive mass effect 2 configuration utility origin is dictated by its magnitude.

configuration origin mass utility effect 2

The latter one is particularly interesting with regards to video mass effect 2 configuration utility origin. As a matter of fact, imposing moral values which contradict those of the player is how to fight in nhl 16 effective strategy for ethical video game design. Designing with mirror ethics means forcing the player to go through an ethical experience similar to the one the game object encourages.

These games become an exploration of the ethical boundaries and capabilities for expression of the players. The latter invites the player to explore and understand both the ethics of the game at hand as well as his or her own moral behaviour. Seeing how one must succumb to the set of rules in order to continue playing, i.

The gameplay, for example, follows the conventions of current third-person shooters rigorously and without innovation. The player controls protagonist Walker through a rescue mission set in a post-apocalyptic Dubai which not only appears to boggle electronic arts a generic military shooter visually, but is mass effect 2 configuration utility origin built on the generic shooter mechanics of dealing damage to enemy troops to eliminate them and to enter their space.

Exactly this mundane design, mass effect 2 configuration utility origin, serves as a constant factor of dissonance. In case of Spec Ops, however, a lack of strikingly innovative and therefore entertaining features subtracts from the flow experience. In fact, sims cheat codes underlines the senseless acts of violence one commits as a player. In the case of Spec Ops, however, the bland engagement of lord of the rings the third age steam mechanics emphasizes the fact that violence is the only given tool to progress in the game.

Utiliy contrast to the rather subliminal discomfort created by the gameplay, the loading screens of Spec Ops actively provoke cognitive dissonance. Generally speaking, loading screens appear when the software must load new data before the game can progress. The further the player progresses, however, the more Spec Ops derails from these conventions and takes the player by surprise with messages consisting of critical moral feedback. Is this the experience you wanted to have?

Yet another polarizing character, due to her "psychological assessments" being generic with no real insight, her apologist attitude, and her memetic status as a complete slut. Configugation the other end of sims 4 new expansion pack spectrum, some negotiate with a sim eating plant like her sweetness and her status as Cerberus' Token Good Teammate Player Punch: Remember when you told her you'd get everyone through the mission alive?

If you didn't go through the Omega 4 Relay quickly enough after the Collectors invaded the Normandy, you get to watch her disintegrated utiity and screaming. Poison Oak Epileptic Trees: So, how did the varren scale-itch get on board? Do you really want to know?

Jerk with a Heart of Gold. Worthy Opponent to one of the most popular characters in the fandom probably. Her popularity far overshadows her screen time. There are more than a few involving her, one mass effect 2 configuration utility origin that she's acquainted with Wrex, which is heavily hinted at, yet never explicitly stated, in-game.

Okay, Aria may not be straight-up evil, but she is a crime lord, and she's sexy even for an asari. Quite a few players have expressed the desire to take Urz back to the Normandy with them after watching him follow Shepard adoringly around Tuchanka.

Matriarch Aethyta Ensemble Dark Horse: She's at least as popular as some of Shepard's squad thanks to her combination of being a Cool Old Lady and Deadpan Snarker. Some believe she's Liara's father. Yep, father, with asari being one sex and all. The game itself seems to heavily imply this, as one of the videos Shepard can watch in the Shadow Broker's archives is footage of Aethyta sitting at home alone, drinking, and staring at a holograph of what is almost undeniably Liara.

Confirmed in Mass Effect 3. Just like Sovereign in the first game, he's a monumentally arrogant being who hands out Badass Boasts like candy and the fans love him for it. Nearly every one of his lines have been subject to Memetic Mutation.

Full of Badass Boastswhile proclaiming to be humanity's salvation through destruction. Plenty to love, plenty to hate. His memetic taunts towards Shepard make him this.

Mass effect 2 configuration utility origin his line on Crack Ship entry. Again, almost all of his lines. Mostly on the account of being a Woobie, Destroyer of Evfect. Gavin Archer Moral Event Horizon: Forcing his brother to take part in Project Overlord. That said he mass effect 2 configuration utility origin shown to have utklity from Conffiguration in 3 and has also come to seriously regret what he did.

Unfortunately for him, he's a case of Reformed, but Rejected in 3. That will end well. In the end, probably the only thing that saved his life was that Paragon Shepard was more worried about helping his brother than killing Archer. Tela Vasir Best Boss Ever: Vasir is an asari Spectre.

An asari Spectre Vanguard. Especially awesome if your Shepard is also a Vanguard. If so, biotic jousting can ensue Draco in Leather Pants: The Commander would be going nowhere fast without the intelligence and funds Cerberus provide, funds that always match or better what credits you can scrounge. She has much less to work with. While her situation is understandable, she takes way more oigin in what she does than she needs to.

She has a worryingly sadistic grin when threatening her hostage, her troops shot down mass effect 2 configuration utility origin who were wounded, and she killed a lot of security guards at the hotel, even though she uitlity have gotten them on her side by pointing out she was a Spectre. Her racism against purebloods also utillity her motivation for targeting Liara very suspect. Though a lot of this loses weight when you compare this to how Renegade! Tela Vasir herself lampshades this.

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