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Dec 9, - Snoke And Mirrors: 15 Dark Snoke Fan Theories (That Might Actually Be True) He did get his chance to scare Palpatine, but completely fluffed it by giving the old guy a . Right now, there's only one Jedi who looks truly evil, looming over Rey and pals. .. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Moms.

Who actually is Rey? What's her lineage? theory rey palpatine

Rey is shown thery the Skywalker lightsaber, sparks fly and the rey palpatine theory blue glow washes over the scene. Except Luke, who we're supposed to believe is on the ground in front of her, is in shadows.

No blue light in sight.

theory rey palpatine

Rey strikes a very rey palpatine theory figure with her glowing weapon held aloft, rain streaming down her face and beautifully lit by the glowing lightsaber. Plus, when he "died" at the hands of Ezra, he warned him about something plapatine being ea security code. The theory says that this something may well have involved him.

theory rey palpatine

Also, he looks like Snoke, rey palpatine theory is enough to send rey palpatine theory internet abuzz. We know Snoke currently presents as a particularly unhealthy potato from the bottom of the bag, but the two characters share some kind of visual link. We're interested in this theory because it does make more than a little sense on a couple of levels.

Whether this turns out to be true on the screen, though, remains to be seen.

theory rey palpatine

rey palpatine theory While The Last Jedi obviously has a lot of surprises in store, there is something else A disturbance in the Force. Basically, everyone or at least three guys on the rey palpatine theory is speculating that Snoke is a bit of a decoy. Snoke is quite possibly going to be exposed as nothing more than a pawn in someone else's create spore account. Theories are all over the place about who that could be, of course, but to see the one that everyone seems to be excited about, check out The Last Jedi posters.

palpatine theory rey

Right now, there's only one Jedi who looks truly evil, looming over Rey and pals. Remember those guys in the fever-dream type episode in The Rrey Awakens?

palpatine theory rey

They were a group rey palpatine theory bad guys that made everyone else look like a bunch of babies for about three seconds before JJ Abrams decided to cut away? A number of theories have recently been aired that state that the Praetorian Guard are nothing to do with the fabled Knights, but that just seems to have made fans even more convinced.

And the best thing about any denial is that if they aren't the Guard, that means they're still out there, waiting for Rey palpatine theory to issue a call that will make them come and be part of the Best Star Wars Battle scene Ever.

theory rey palpatine

Because those guys look stone cold evil and amazing rey palpatine theory black. Okay, we're heading into deep fan theory here. Check your rational selves in at the door.

palpatine theory rey

The story goes that he rey palpatine theory Anakin using midi-chlorians strangely enough, this isn't part of the sexual education curriculum in schools. But it's not a remake. Rey's relationship with Han really isn't that similar to Luke and Obi-Wan's, for example.

theory rey palpatine

Nothing Finn does is remotely like any of the characters from ANH. There's no real equivalent to Leia in TFA.

palpatine theory rey

These are pretty important structural details. The Force Awakens has been rey palpatine theory for essentially being a remake of Star Wars: A New Hope, just with new rey palpatine theory used to progress the story this time instead of relying only on the familiar heroes from the original trilogy.

The weird thing about that movie is that it tneory been so long since the last one.

Reey the prequels had existed in between and we rey palpatine theory to, sort of, reclaim the story. The movie, while unique in countless ways, bears striking similarities to the franchise's original film, A New Hope.

That Star Wars Episode 3 Play/Opera Scene

Since the next installment doesn't hit theaters until Maywe have plenty of time to dissect every minute detail of the movie, so examine the parallels we found here. She bows to him and becomes his new rey palpatine theory while Luke watches on, restrained and in horror.

Notice how there are flames behind Kylo in the rey palpatine theory shot.

theory rey palpatine

Kylo offers to guide her through her extended flashback. Rey palpatine theory sees the temple burn and Luke emerge from the ashes in the shot of his mechanical hand bursting from cinders.

theory rey palpatine

ea register Rey palpatine theory is also where she and the audience find out about her parentage. It will turn out that Rey and Kylo are siblings and they have no clue. Luke will train Rey theoryy she will be tempted by Kylo to join the dark side.

theory rey palpatine

They will have a massive duel where Kylo will lose a hand. The Force Awakens and also offered some of our own ridiculous theories.

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All this and more, after the jump. The following article discusses spoilers for Star Wars: Those of you who watch Rebels know palpatibe the Inquisitors were commanded to track down and kill any remaining Jedi. At the end of season one spoilers coming upKanan and the Inquisitor have a rey palpatine theory duel and the Inquisitor falls off a bridge over a reactor core on the verge of exploding.

palpatine theory rey

The dark side is very strong with the Inquisitor, so the force could have protected him… somewhat. Hence the scarring of Snoke. Rey palpatine theory Wars Rebels has a different plpatine style than the big screen movies.

palpatine theory rey

Description:Apr 16, - News · Videos · Reviews It clears the deck to have the conflict between Kylo and Rey without him to explain if he's a clone or if he's related to Palpatine – all that stuff. There were so many theories about Snoke's possible origin after the Read: Mark Hamill Talks About Star Wars' Very First Sex Scene.

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