This former hedge fund manager reveals how you can invest for life in five quick videos

Photo of Lars Kroijer hedge fund manager turned passive index investing author

I have spent years looking for the best way to get people interested in investing – and to teach them how to do it once they’re hooked.

Some methods work better than others.

But with bribery expensive and the threat of physical violence a clear violation of my parole conditions, video has proven to be about the best gateway for would-be investors who can’t be persuaded to read a book (which is quickly becoming nearly everyone, let’s face it).

Videos about passive investing are especially useful, because there’s not really much to it that needs detailed explanation

Save regularly into an index fund or two, rebalance when things get out of whack, and beat the vast majority of managed funds – it’s an offer most people can’t refuse.

Of course, you and I know there are loads of niggles and quirks that can expand those basics into a book (or a 2,000-article blog!)

But let’s not scare the newbies by revealing we’re really Dungeons & Dragons style nerd-lords of investing, eh?1

Investing explained in five simple videos

Bottom line: When friend of Monevator Lars Kroijer told me he was working on a new video series, I smelt the chance to win new blood to the investing cause.

His five-part video series, which I’ve published below, goes from 0-to-invested in a little bit more than 60 seconds – but much less than an hour.

So why not send this article to the investing virgin in your life today?

It’s as easy as watching cat videos or Lululemon yoga workouts, only it’s about, um, index funds!

Beats hitting someone over the head with a copy of Investing Demystified or Smarter Investing any day.

Video 1: Why index funds? An overview from Lars Kroijer

Most people – whether professionals or private investors – have no chance of beating the markets in the long run, especially after fees and other costs.

Video 2: You can’t beat the market or pick market-beating funds

Far too many people believe they can beat the market – and far too few people have any incentive to tell them otherwise.

Video 3: You only need one cheap world equity index fund

So you’ve decided you don’t want to try to beat the market or waste money paying a manager to fail to do so. Fear not – by investing in a world equity index fund you can achieve global gains at the lowest possible cost.

Video 4: How to adjust your portfolio to suit your risk tolerance

Vary the proportion of your portfolio that’s allocated to the lowest-risk assets – cash and government bonds – to best reflect the stage of life you’re at, and the risk you’re able to bear.

Video 5: Implementing your low cost index fund portfolio

How to select the right products for your hyper-efficient best-in-breed passive portfolio, and how to keep your strategy on track.

Still not had your fill of Lars Kroijer? Read Lars’ posts on Monevator, or check out his book, Investing Demystified.

  1. No offense to D&D-ers: Both The Accumulator and I have done time in the caverns with a dozen D6 and a Vorpal Sword of +3 slashing.

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